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NBA 2K24: When will fans get to see gameplay footage


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Mar 16, 2022
There are only a few weeks left until NBA 2K24 is released. Despite that, fans still don't have a lot of information about the game, especially about its gameplay.
Yes, it's true that 2K has announced some new features. Among them are the new MyTEAM game mode and the ProPLAY technology. However, these features were announced quite a while ago. Since then, not much has been announced about the game.
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When will the NBA 2K24 Gameplay deep dive take place?
Apart from the NBA 2K24 Crossplay trailer, there isn't any other trailer or gameplay footage available. That's why fans are so eager for the gameplay deep dive.
This deep dive will finally let players see how the gameplay looks, and if it improved compared to the previous year. Players will also have more detailed information about the new features, and how they impact the gameplay.
Fortunately for the millions of NBA 2K fans, the gameplay deep dive is not far off. In its NBA 2K24 content road map that was recently released, 2K announced the Gameplay deep dive takes place on 14 August.