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NBA 2K24:The Best Badges Need to Keep for Reference


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Mar 16, 2022
Now, it’s important to note that NBA 2K24 badges are still unrevealed. Some may not return from the 2K23 edition, while some new ones could appear. As a reference, we will list the best badges from each of the four categories.
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These badges will enhance your player’s ability to score from close range and to have a stronger finish.
Fearless Finisher - Improves player’s ability to score baskets even when closely guarded and with body contact from defenders.
Slithery – Makes the player very hard to guard by increasing his movement and reducing contact below the rim.

Shooting badges will make your player more accurate and effective, directly affecting his shooting skills.
Volume Shooter – Produces a shooting boost for consecutive shots after a player takes a small number of attempts.
Limitless Range – The player can hit a three-pointer from pretty much everywhere. This badge allows you to attempt near-midcourt triples, something Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard like to do.

Enhances your player’s dribbling and passing skills, with better ball control and more creativity when setting up plays.
Ankle Breaker – Excellent badge for gamers who love to take on defenders in isolation. It will improve a player’s dribbling ability and make him unguardable. Defenders will often fall and stumble when your player makes quick moves, stepbacks, etc.
Dimer – It increases the shot percentage to open shooters when passes come from a passer in the half-court.
Floor General – Makes the player's teammates better on offence when a player with this badge is on the court.

These NBA 2K24 badges will improve rebounding, stealing, blocking, and defensive awareness.
Anchor – Perfectly suited for tall defenders who are excellent at protecting the rim. It boosts the ability to block shots and makes the opponent’s layup and dunk attempts more difficult.
Clamp – The defender will have quicker cut-off moves and stick to the ball handler with increased success, guarding him with more energy.
Interceptor – Improves stealing ability and makes a defender tip and intercept passes more frequently.

These are some of the best badges and should be in NBA 2K24. Still, they could come slightly differently this time out, while some of the badges may not return at all.