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NBA 2K24 announces premium Season Passes with plenty of rewards


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Mar 16, 2022
In NBA 2K24, there will be new Season Pass options, more rewards, and a new seasonal progression track feature. With these changes, 2K wants to provide players with new ways to earn rewards. Furthermore, they also want to make the time players invest in completing the Season Pass actually feel worth it.
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Premium Season Passes are here
The biggest change coming to Seasons in NBA 2K24 is the introduction of two premium Season Passes. From now on, players will have the option to acquire the Pro Pass and the Hall of Fame Pass.
These two passes have different prices and rewards. The Pro Pass costs $9.99 and offers 40 Premium Level rewards, VC, and MTP. As usual, these rewards are earned through the season, as you progress in the Season Pass.
When it comes to the Hall of Fame Pass, it cost $19.99. It includes all the rewards of the Pro Pass, a 15% XP booster, an "additional Season Pass reward", and players automatically skip ten levels of the Season Pass.

Changes to the free Season Pass
However, the classic, and free, Season Pass still exists. Similar to NBA 2K23, the free Season Pass allows players to earn rewards as they progress from level 1 to 40.
But there is one huge change in this year's free Season Pass. The Season Pass now contains a unified progression system. It "combines MyCAREER and MyTEAM into one linear rewards system".
So, players can now earn up to 80 Level rewards. 40 for MyCAREER and the same amount for MyTEAM. It provides players with the chance to earn more rewards in a different way.
However, the Premium Season Passes make this change somewhat indifferent. If players can pay to have access to more rewards, and even faster progress in the Season Pass, then the free Season Pass become somewhat pointless.
The free Season Pass will no longer provide as valuable rewards as it once did. Furthermore, players without premium passes will always be one step behind.