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NBA 2K23 Takeover Larry Nance Guide of Pink Diamond Card


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Mar 16, 2022
A Pink Diamond Larry Nance is next up in the NBA 2K23 Lunar New Year event as we move towards five straight days of fresh players.
As a reminder, you will need to collect all of these takeover players plus the event cards in order to unlock the Galaxy Opal Yi Jianlian at the end of the two-week event.
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All agendas and how to complete
There are some forced online play agendas here so make sure you're ready to compete online if you want the card!
TT Dunks
Here, you'll need to make 10 dunks over the course of multiple (or one) Triple Treat offline games.
Just make sure the players you select have decent speed and driving dunk ratings to blow by the AI and get to the rim for the finish.
TTO or Co-Op Dunks
Next up, you'll need to make five dunks in Triple Treat Online or Co-Op games. It's half the requirement and can still be done over multiple matches but has the enforced online element in play.
CT Dunks
Now we have a repeat of the first objective just with a different game mode. Again you'll need to make 10 dunks in Clutch Time Offline with no restriction on how many games you need to play.
Playing on lower difficulties you should be able to wrap this up in just one game.
CTO Dunks
Again we move onto an online version of the previous agenda. Here you need five dunks in Clutch Time Online matches and yet again, this can be done over multiple matches.
Unlimited Dunks
Dunks play a role in all of these agendas, in case that wasn't obvious by now. So it will come as no surprise to see that you need another five, this time in the unlimited game mode.
Limited Dunks
Last but not least, you need five more dunks in Limited games.

Larry Nance Agendas
Once you have the Larry Nance Pink Diamond card unlocked, you can complete two additional agendas for 3,000XP (1,500XP each).
The first agenda asks you to make 10 dunks with the Takeover Larry Nance card in any single-player game.
Finally, you need five dunks with Takeover Larry Nance in any Multiplayer game mode.