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NBA 2K23 Shawn Marion Takeover Reward-agendas and how to earn


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Mar 16, 2022
With the start of Season 4 and the Lunar New Year event in NBA 2K23, it's time to start grinding the Takeover Player Rewards First up is Suns legend Shawn Marion with his 96-rated Timeless card.
We've got all the details you need for his agendas so you can skip the research and just start the hard work! Some of the challenges are easier than others, but you should have enough time to get them all completed!
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Shawn Marion Takeover Reward Agendas & How to Complete
There are six total agendas to complete for the Shawn Marion Takeover Reward card. I would say two are very easy, two are challenging and two are quite hard, but not all of them are necessarily skill-based.
You have until the end of the Lunar New Year event on Friday, 27 January to complete this set.

Grade 10 Cards - Easy
You'll need to submit 10 cards to the grading system and pay the MyTeam Points total. You can use this as a chance to finally submit those starters who want bonuses for, or take lesser cards in your collection to get them done.
Either way, as soon as you submit 10 cards, the agenda is complete, you don't need to wait for them to be done.
Reward--Shoe Award Pack
Mavericks Wins--Easy
For this agenda, you need to win seven Triple Treat games, online or offline, using three Mavericks players.
There is no difficulty requirement for this one so it should be fairly simple to complete.
Reward--10 MyTeam Tokens


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