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NBA 2K23: New Rush cards have arrived at MyTEAM


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Mar 16, 2022
Every week, NBA 2K23 receives new packs or card series, that add exciting players to the MyTEAM game mode. The Rush cards are the latest addition to the game and bring five incredible players.
These players are all Dark Matter, possess multiple Hall of Fame badges, and have some astonishing attribute stats. This makes them very valuable players, that are an upgrade for the majority of squads in MyTEAM. Even if they don't enter your starting lineup, they can add more depth to your team.
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As mentioned above, five new Rush cards arrived at MyTEAM today. They all have great badges and attributes. Some of them will immediately enter most squads' starting lineups. Others can provide some much-needed quality of the bench.
The players available in this pack are Dennis Rodman, Vlade Divac, Julius Randle, Sidney Moncrief, and Glenn Robinson. Just like we mentioned previously, they are all 99 OVR Dark Matter cards.
These cards are much easier to obtain than other Dark Matters. That's because you can earn them in Equal Chance Reward Packs. You can earn these packs by completing challenges that are on the MyTEAM agenda. There are also other types of challenges that offer an Equal Chance Reward Pack.