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NBA 2K23 Glorious Pack: All new players released in MyTeam


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Mar 16, 2022
In NBA 2K23, players now have the opportunity to open the Glorious promo pack, which contains highly coveted cards featuring basketball legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. These cards are among the many exceptional items available to players in the MyTeam mode. Based on the overalls of the cards, they’ll be the perfect addition to any squad, and almost irreplacable in their respective positions.
2K Sports has been releasing new weekly promos to keep the content fresh, allowing players to take their teams to the next level.
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All Recent Releasing NBA 2K23 Glorious promo pack players
Josh Smith-SF/PF
Khris Middleton-SF/SG
Lauri Markkanen-SF/PF
Brandon Ingram-SF/SG
John Stockton-PG/SG
Og Anunoby-SF/SG
Blake Griffin-PF/SF
Andrei Kirilenko-SF/SG
Jeremy Lin-PG/SG
All these Glorious cards can be found in packs, but there’s no guaranteed way to get them. Players will have to open several NBA 2K23 packs to stand a chance of having one of them, and it will ultimately depend on their luck.
Four Invincible cards can be found in this promo.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar C/PF
Michael Jorda-SG/PG
Kobe Bryant-SG/PG
Larry Bird-SF/PF
Outside of packs, players can try to find this item in the market and acquire them directly. However, their prices will be extremely steep, given how popular each card will tend to be. Moreover, they can be prized assets for the remainder of the NBA 2K23.