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Mosaic Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 3


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Mar 16, 2022
Mosaic is a Claw-based Runeword that is clearly aimed at Martial Arts Assassins. With extensive class changes made to improve the Martial Arts Assassin, Phoenix Dragon Talon is now S-tier, in no small part to Mosaic.
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Strengths of the Mosaic Runeword
Chance for finishing moves not to consume charges is doubled when dual wielding (100% chance)
Excellent support traits such as bonus skills, enhanced damage, attack rating, and a range of elemental improvements
Makes other martial arts claws in its level range obsolete
Will have excellent staying power for Martial Arts builds

Weaknesses of the Mosaic Runeword
3 socket requirement places some limits on base item choices (no War Fist or Battle Cestus)
Not a good choice for Trapsins

Dual-wielding Mosaic claws grants the MA Assassin 100% chance (guaranteed) not to consume power-up charges when used on the finisher. In addition, using your finisher even refreshes the stack duration of your power-up charges. In other words, you can stack power-up charges from Phoenix Strike and other power-up charge abilities and start spamming a Dragon Talon finisher infinitely. Therefore, using 2x Mosaic runeword not only retains the number of power-up charges, but also allows the Assassin to spam finishers indefiniteily as long as they keep using the Dragon Finisher. Remember that Dragon Talon always hits just like Smite when it is used with 3 charge-ups . You can raise Dragon Talon kicks up to 7 kicks through +skill items and skiller grand charms.
This item radically changes the BiS for Martial Arts assassins. Between that and some welcome class changes, this resurrects a highly underutilized build. In fact, it's so good that we may see new Martial Arts builds revolving around these claws.