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Xbox PlayStation PC More Call of Duty: Warzone content on the way as Activision boosts development investment

  • Staff
Activision is very happy with how Call of Duty: Warzone turned out, and it promises the mode won’t be abandoned.

In just two months, Call of Duty: Warzone has attracted over 60 million players worldwide. Activision revealed the new milestone overnight as part of its earnings call for Q1 of fiscal year 2020.

The first quarter saw the launch of Warzone, of course, and it has done exceptionally well as result. Because of its free-to-play business model, Warzone saw wide reach in countries where Call of Duty doesn’t typically do well. This is true for PC, too, which has traditionally been a weak platform for Call of Duty.

That success also drove a lot of sales of in-game purchases. Warzone’s integration with Modern Warfare, and the fact all unlocks and purchases are shared between them boosted microtransaction sales further, according to Activision. In fact, the game’s Season Three, which launched last month, has been its most successful by far in terms of spending and active players.

As a result of all this, Activision now considers Warzone to be “a really important part of the overall franchise ecosystem,” and that means “significant” investment in new content, new modes and the like.

As part of the same call, the publisher also revealed that Warzone actually boosted Modern Warfare sales in the first quarter, exceeding expectations in that area. This is partially why Activision predicts that Warzone’s success won’t negatively impact the next premium Call of Duty game, set for release later this year.

In the second quarter, Activision said we can expect a new season for Modern Warfare and Warzone.