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Modern Warfare. Insane gun xp tip!


Getting Started
Apr 22, 2020
So I was shown this method last week. And boi let me tell you, if you're using free wz or own the game. This method will work for either. So if you have the free version and struggle levelling your guns up, here's how! Guns max level after 3-4 games. No joke! This is better with a squad 2-4 players.

Head on over to Plunder. Make sure the gun you're wanting to level up is on and ready to use.

Get 1 or 2 head for the supply run contracts. The other 2 complete those contracts in vehicles (trophy system if you can). You will see just how quick your guns level up. My Jak12 levelled up 28x in 1 game with only 3 kills. Kills are not necessary unless needs must. Try and target at least 7 contracts completed each game. Leave me feedback :)