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Xbox Microsoft could host a May event with information on Xbox Series S Lockhart, new games – rumor

  • Staff
More rumors of an Xbox May event have popped up.

Microsoft is rumored to be hosting a May event, where it will reveal new games and a possible first look at the less expensive, disc-less Xbox Series X dubbed Lockhart.

Today’s rumor comes courtesy of Windows Central, which states Xbox Series X Lockhart is ready for Xbox employees to test at home, similar to how company employees started testing Project xCloud on PC back in March. During this time, it’s said staff will be providing feedback on the console, which indicates to Windows Central it won’t be long before the rumored console is revealed to the public. It is also said in May Microsoft will announce new Surface hardware.

The outlet is quick to point out Lockhart may not be announced in May, but with staff taking the console home for testing, combined with the Surface rumor, an early May reveal could be possible.

If the May event rumors are true, we can at least expect to hear more about Xbox One Series X and new titles being developed by Microsoft Studios, according to the report.

If that’s the case, it’s possible Microsoft could finally announce the long-rumored Fable reboot from Playground Games. Last we heard, the studio went on a hiring spree, recruiting developers whose previous work includes Metal Gear Solid and GTA 5. The studio also hired former BioWare, Rockstead, Ninja Theory, Guerrilla Games, and EA Motive developers.

Another look at Halo Infinite would be a sure bet, especially considering it’s slated for a holiday 2020 release. We may at least hear about multiplayer testing for the title which is slated to kick off at some point this year.

If a May event is indeed in Microsoft’s plans, we could also hear more about the console’s third-party lineup; however, it could also focus on its own offering instead.

Again, keep in mind, this is all speculation and rumors at this point. We won’t know for sure until Microsoft announces its plans.

Earlier this week it was rumored this year’s cancellation of E3 has lead publishers and platform holders to start revealing plans early. It was said the first proper next-gen consoles and games showcases will take place much earlier than initially planned – Microsoft included.



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