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Xbox PlayStation PC Marvel's Avengers Open Beta Starts Early

  • Staff
Marvel's Avengers Open Beta is starting early. Marvel's Avengers is a highly anticipated title as it allows players to embody their favorite comic book characters and box office smashing heroes. The game has faced skepticism as numerous delays have pushed back Marvel's Avengers and players have been worried about whether the game can match the anticipation around it. Fans will be able to assess the qualities of the game first-hand today as the Open Beta for the game begins early.

The action-based game promises to deliver online and offline gameplay to players and many have been interested in how it will join its campaign with an expansive online experience. With rumors of an expansive character roster in Marvel's Avengers, many are interested in seeing how different heroes and their powers feel in varied scenarios. Players can start experiencing some of their favorite characters now, as the Open Beta for the title has started early.

The Open Beta is open before its original 9 PM (in every region and time zone) release and it seems players are happy to start enjoying the experience early. To experience the game players simply need to have a Square Enix account and either a PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. Many will start playing the game as soon as possible as the Beta will only run over this weekend, and closes on August 23. In response to the news that the servers are live, some fans have already begun to praise the gameplay It will be interesting to see whether this Beta can generate more excitement for the game and improve what are likely already going to be impressive sales figures for Marvel's Avengers.

It seems that the Open Beta has already managed to improve upon the Closed Beta of Marvel's Avengers which had a mixed reception, and comments have noted how characters like the Hulk feel more powerful. If the game can be improved on again before its release, it may be a hit with players. With that said, the Open Beta is still not reflective of the final quality of the game, and many will want to see how the game is reviewed before investing.

This Open Beta will give players a chance to see if Marvel's Avengers is a title that they will enjoy. Early reception seems positive, but many will want to try one of the most anticipated games of the year for themselves.

Marvel's Avengers will launch on September 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions to follow at a later date.