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Madden 24 TOTW 5 Predictions and Release Time


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Mar 16, 2022
The Madden team has moved TOTW this year, in an attempt to make it more reliable and relevant this year. As a result, TOTW 5 is targeted to go live on Wednesday 11 October at 1:30pm ET/6:30pm BST.
There could be a delay in the rollout, which we have seen before this year. If the challenges & packs aren't in the game at that time then check @MaddenNFLDirect for any communications about a delay.
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TOTW 5 predictions
Who could be getting cards this week? Well, barring anything wild in Monday Night Football, Bears WR DJ Moore should be getting the Offensive Player of the Week spot after his 230 yards and three touchdowns against the Commanders on TNF.
Colts running back Zack Moss is also a good one for an upgrade this week after he picked up 165 yards and two TDs. It's a similar story for Travis Etienne Jr who led the Jaguars to a win in London with 136 rushing yards and two TDs.
Over on defense, 49ers MLB Fred Warner racked up eight tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and a pick. Usually, that's enough for a TOTW card, but he could easily be slated for a spot in Most Feared this week so could be left out.
Jets linebacker Quincy Williams could be up for the biggest TOTW card thanks to a two-sack, nine-tackle day against Denver. We shouldn't discount Tyrann Mathieu either who had himself a pick-six this week and is a popular player that could sell more packs.