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Madden 24 Money Plays: Offensive plays to beat any defense


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Mar 16, 2022
This scheme we are about to recommend comes from the New York Jets offensive playbook. This is our favourite Madden 24 playbook so far as it is well-balanced and offers a lot of variety to attack defenses with.
This scheme starts with the Strong Close formation. This under-center, off-set I formation offers the usual benefits of a tight formation as it opens up plenty of out-breaking opportunities on passes.
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Strong Close Double Post
The first play we want to go over is Double Post. With a few adjustments on this play, you will be able to beat any defense as long as you make the right read!
The first thing to do with this play is a few hot route adjustments. We want to set the TE on a drag and the FB on a wheel. The hot route combos for this are:
Xbox: Y, A, RS down, Y, RB, RS up
PS: Triangle, X, RS down, Triangle, R1, RS up
This gives you man-beating options as well as zone-beaters. The wheel is excellent as quick through against zone. The flat zone defender will get pulled up the field by the WR, leaving a vacant space to get a quick 7-10 yards. Even against All-Madden defenses, this will work basically every time.
Against man coverage both the posts work as they will get inside releases on their DBs, while the drag is a terrific safety valve.
The wheel route can also be devastating against a linebacker in man coverage as it will get over the top in a hurry.
In MUT you will have to be alert to what the user defender is doing and make your reads off that.
You will want to try and keep your opponent in a base 3-4/4-3 defense. To do that you can lean on the HB Zone Wk and HB Off Tackle runs. These quick-hitting run plays are usually good for 4-5 yards and attack either side of the defense to keep your opponent on their toes.

Strong Close PA Scissors
In the same Strong Close formation is the play PA Scissors. This play-action pass is great for beating up on over-aggressive defenses and can attack the same void in the deep middle as the previous play.
The only hot route change here is to put the weak-side receiver on a streak.
to do that you will need this button combo:
Xbox: Y, X, LS up
PS: Triangle, Square, LS up
Against man coverage the post route is open every time as the streak will pin the safety and open up space. If your opponent has dropped their user defender into that void then the corner route is usually a very good option too.
Against zone you will have the flat route open for an easy completion and if they shade underneath to take that away the corner becomes wide open.
Again, throw in the two runs we talked about earlier to keep your opponent honest.

Shotgun Trey Y-Flex Dagger
Trey Y-Flex has been a great formation in Madden for years and it is no different in Madden 24.
With the Dagger play there is only one hot route to make, which is to keep the back in to block.
Xbox: Y, RB, RT
PS: Triangle, R1, R2
Against man coverage the crossing route is truly deadly, capable of going to the house from anywhere on the field. If the user defender tries to take it away then the drag route is an excellent checkdown.
Against zone it's a middle read. The crosser can still get open but it will be a bit later, again if the user defender voids the middle of the field to take it away then the deep in route comes in behind it to be a great option. If they contine to run zone defense against this look you can give yourself another option by setting the RB to an option route rather than block.


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