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Madden 23 Ultimate Team: Legends update by EA changes Boss Legends


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Mar 16, 2022
There will likely be several more Madden 23 Ultimate Team updates as we continue through the year but the latest is really significant.
From now on, the Legends items in MUT will work very differently, we'll go over the exact details below.
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Update to MUT 23 Legends
Considering that building sets in Madden 23 Ultimate Team is slightly difficult, the new update should make it a little easier for users.
Now, when completing the Boss Legend set, it will return a BND Season item that will go into the power up item.
EA also tweeted that every Madden 23 Ultimate Team Legends release will include this change. This should make it easier to remember in the future.

Here are the MUT 23 Legends changes:
---When completing the Boss Legend Set, it will return a BND Season Item that will be eligible to into the power up.
---Release one Legend sets will not include this change, it will begin in Release 2 (09/03)
---The next competitive Field Pass (9/12) will feature a Release One 87 OVR BND Legend.
---The Legend Item will be included in a Fantasy Pack where you can choose 1 of the 8 Legends that are a part of Release 1.
---Legend Power Ups will now have the ability to select Team Chemistries Early On.
---As Legend power ups release throughout the year you will see more benefits from both the custom ability buckets as well as the archetype ability buckets.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Legends
Andre Reed and Jerome Bettis are only two of the several Madden 23 Ultimate Team Legends that were added to the platform this week.
All of these cards can be powered up to 89 OVR or you can pick them up directly from the Auctions at that rating.
Coming to the platform with Reed and Bettis are players such as Lester Hayes and Deacon Jones, great Madden 23 Ultimate Team additions.

Here's the full list:
Jerome Bettis - RB - 89 OVR
Andre Reed - WR - 89 OVR
Lester Hayes - CB - 89 OVR
Deacon Jones - LE - 89 OVR
Steve Atwater - SS - 89 OVR
Mike Vrabel - LOLB - 89 OVR
Anthony Munoz - LT - 89 OVR
Jay Hilgenberg - C - 89 OVR

Campus Heroes in MUT 23
A very popular theme from last year is making its way back into Madden 23 Ultimate Team this week as Campus Heroes return.
Last year, we saw cards like the Vince Young and Priest Holmes items that quickly established them as top cards.
The Madden 23 Campus Heroes release date is set for Thursday, September 1, 2022, and the cards are expected to be live early in the morning.


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