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Madden 23 Season 4: Field pass rewards confirmed


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Mar 16, 2022
The end game is coming with Madden 23 Season 4 in Ultimate Team. A new Field Pass is coming with some huge rewards for players that will make your No Money Squad more viable than ever.
This season there are four awesome cards to earn that will slot in nicely to most squads and three, that's right THREE, 99 OVR cards that will be right at home in any god squad.
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Madden 23 Season 4 Field Pass rewards
The Field Pass is new to Madden 23, but it acts similarly to levels did previously. Players earn rewards for grinding out XP and they are pretty good ones too.
Season 3's champion Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end in the game right now. So what does Season 4 have in store for us? The answer is a LOT.
At level 8 there is a 93 OVR Mike Singletary card with 91 speed and 94 hit power. This is an upgrade item, with collectables at levels 25 & 47, letting you get him up to a huge 97 OVR. Next up at level 13 there is an awesome 94 OVR Christian Darrisaw with 95 strength and 97 pass block finesse.
At level 31 there is a 95 OVR Jevon Holland, a terrific free safety with 97 speed and 97 hit power. Then at level 40 there is a 96 OVR Khalil Mack who brings the heat with 98 acceleration, 93 speed, and 96 block shed.
When you get to level 56 there is a 97 OVR Jamaal Williams waiting for you. The Lions back has 97 speed, 98 trucking, and 97 break tackle.
But that's not all! There are two 99 OVR players right at the end of the Field Pass. At level 60 players will get Trevor Lawrence, who has 94 speed, 98 throw power, and 99 throw on the run. Then at level 71 there is Trevon Diggs and he comes with 99 press, 98 speed, and 98 man coverage.

Login reward
This season there is a reward just for logging in and it is a brilliant card. A 91 OVR Calvin Johnson will be waiting for every player when Season 4 starts!
That's not all, this 6'5" receiver has all 32 team chems and is upgradeable to 99 OVR with tokens at levels 2, 19, 44, and 50.
With 99 jumping, 98 catch in traffic, and 98 speed Johnson is definitely the best receiver in the game, you HAVE to level up your Field Pass to secure this 99 OVR version though.