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Madden 23 Season 2 MUT Rewards Revealed


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Mar 16, 2022
The next few months in Madden 23 Season 2 should be quite a bit of fun considering all of the new rewards coming to the game.
From the Season 2 Field Pass Champion to the rest of the rewards available, we're going to take a look at what players can earn this year.
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Buckle up, it's going to be a fun ride in MUT 23 for Season 2.

Madden 23 Season 2 Rewards
Ultimate Team is an area that several players spend their time in and Madden 23 Season 2 should draw in an even larger crowd with the new rewards.
The Season 2 Field Pass Champion in MUT 23 has been revealed as a 94 OVR Deion Sanders, a card that every Madden 23 player needs.
Madden 23 Season 2 is already underway so you can jump onto Ultimate Team right now and start earning rewards.
Keep in mind, Deion Sanders will have all 32 Team Chemistries so he'll fit perfectly into your Theme Team, regardless of which one you've built.
Here are his attributes:
--Speed 94 OVR
--Acceleration 92 OVR
--Agility 95 OVR
--Jump 92 OVR
--Play Recognition 91 OVR
--Man Coverage 95 OVR
--Zone Coverage 95 OVR
--Press Coverage 87 OVR
With his speed, acceleration, and agility rating so high, don't be surprised when you see Sanders returning punts and kicks in Ultimate Team.

Level 41 Reward Josh Allen
Deion Sanders might be the Madden 23 Season 2 Champion but the Level 41 Josh Allen is definitely a card worth having.
Allen is having a career year in the NFL so it's only right that Ultimate Team gives him a powerful card that players can earn for free.
Josh Allen as your quarterback in Ultimate Team is a great option. His physical stats alone make him one of the better quarterbacks to choose from.
Here are all of his attributes for this particular Madden 23 Season 2 card:
--Speed 86 OVR
--Throw Power 94 OVR
--Short Pass Accuracy 88 OVR
--Mid-Pass Accuracy 88 OVR
--Deep-Pass Accuracy 89 OVR
--Throw Under Pressure 89 OVR
--Throwing On The Run 94 OVR
--Playaction 87 OVR
With so many Ultimate Team quarterbacks to choose from, we think Allen is the best option, especially for the No Money Spent players.

Most Feared Returns in Season 2
We're nearing Halloween which means the Madden 23 Season 2 Most Feared cards are on their way to MUT.
A few of these cards have already been revealed, including the 92 OVR Derwin James. With him comes a 90 OVR Deebo Samuel as well.
You'll be able to earn 175K XP through Madden 23 Season 2 along with the several cards that have been revealed for Most Feared.