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Madden 23: New college players entering MUT


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Mar 16, 2022
Plenty of new cards were announced in the new Madden 2023 Ultimate Team Combine program. All of these cards are game-changers, and players can't wait to get their hands on them. However, something bigger was also announced, with college players and NFL draft prospects making their way into the MUT.
We never had the chance to play with college players and draft prospects so early. Players that are undergoing the 2023 combine right now, will be entering into the MUT. What's even better, is that these cards will have chemistry with all 32 NFL teams.
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College players entering MUT
The first college player to enter the MUT is Clemson linebacker Trenton Simpson with an astonishing 95 OVR. He has a 90 tackle, 96 power, and 94 speed.
Texas A&M running back Devon Achane who has a 95 OVR was the second college card announced, with a 95 agility, and 96 speed.
95 OVR slot corner Cam Smith, who comes from South Carolina, is also making his way into MUT.
2021 Heisman winner Quarterback Bryce Young is also coming to MUT, with a 95 OVR.
The last player to be announced was cornerback Joey Porter Junior from Penn State, who is also a 95 OVR. Contrary to the other players, his card will only come out on Saturday.
These players are part of the first release for the Combine program that is launching on 2 March at around 10:30 am ET / 3:30 pm GMT.

Release 2
A second release of Combine cards is coming quickly after that though. More Combine players will arrive in the game on 4 March. It is not yet clear if this will include more college players but we really hope so!
It's awesome to get a taste of the future this early in the Ultimate Team cycle. Normally players have to wait until the Draft program in May to get the newest players.

97 OVR Champions
The first release of the Combine program sees a 97 OVR Leon Sandcastle, otherwise known as Deion Sanders, enter the game.
This FS card is a nice transition from the AKA program into the Combine.
He's joined by a 97 OVR Julio Jones Champion card and two killer LTDs in the shape of Mario Williams and Chris Johnson.