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Madden 23 Best Playbooks for Offense and Defense


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Mar 16, 2022
The Draft is just around the corner but armchair coaches are still digging through Madden 23 playbooks. The search for any small edge in Ultimate Team or Franchise Mode continues all year long here on RealSport101, so if you are looking for the best playbooks you've come to the right place.
Playbooks are your menu of plays in Madden 23. They possess a range of formations that your team knows and plays they can use. Each one is slightly different and you will have one for offense and one for defense.
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Best Madden 23 playbook offense
Last year, the New England Patriots had one of the top options, and once again we absolutely love the Patriots offensive playbook. It's not changed much over the last few years, despite Josh McDaniels finally moving on from the team.
The Patriots playbook still has a great balance of power running formations and spread out passing ones. With triple TE singleback and full empty formations that still use classic personnel groupings it is a nightmare for defenses to predict and react to.
Trips TE Flex remains one of the most potent formations in the game, with the always-great PA Crossers play and enough variety in that formation alone to pick the AI apart in franchise mode.
When taking it to MUT or an online franchise you can utilise the range of crossing, motion, and power running to really keep a defense off balance.
While there are slight differences, the Las Vegas Raiders playbook is very similar to the Patriots and is a definite strong option as well.
A dark horse top option this year is actually the Detroit Lions who have Trips TE, Gun Bunch, and Bunch TE options that could make it a key competitive choice.

Best Madden 23 playbook defense
One of the most reliable playbooks from Madden 22 returns. The Alternate 46 playbook is one of the best Madden 23 playbooks on the defensive side of the ball.
While there were some changes, Alternate 46 still has Big Nickel and 3-3-5 Cub options, the latter of which replaces 3-3-5 Wide from Madden 22.
The Baltimore Ravens aren't far behind with a lot of great formations to pick from including 2-4-5 DBL A Gap, 3-3-5 Cub, and Big Dime 1-4-6.
However, there is one that has gone under the radar this year. The Chicago Bears defensive playbook is very quietly a strong contender. Boasting Dime 1-4-6, 3-3-5 Wide, 3-3-5 Will, and Even 6-1 formations it has a lot of ways to stop some of the most frequently used offensive plays.

Best Plays in Madden 23
As the year has ticked by, the best plays in Madden 23 have started to become more and more clear.
Whether you're looking to dominate in competitive MUT play or just want an edge in your Madden 23 Franchise Mode save, some plays stand above the rest.
The best plays in Madden 23 don't always guarantee touchdowns, no play can do that. However they can work against basically any defense as long as you are reading your keys right.