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Lost Ark's Season 2 Ark Pass Goes Live


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Mar 16, 2022
Lost Ark's most recent weekly reset has brought Ark Pass Season 2 spoils for players to begin grinding towards. It is a continuation of Lost Ark's battle pass format from last summer, popularized by titles such as Fortnite, which comes with 30 tiers for players to work through.
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The MMOARPG has been running an intense content release schedule recently, with September's "Rage with the Machinist" update introducing the titular Machinist as the fifth Gunner Advanced Class. Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid was another noteworthy addition, arriving as the third of such raids in Lost Ark. Affectionately dubbed "Clown," as a shorthand by the community, this four-player Legion Raid has 3 gates, which players can attempt at Rehearsal (Item Level 1385) and Normal (Item Level 1475) difficulty modes. Furthermore, a roadmap detailing Lost Ark's content for the rest of the year was published earlier this month, revealing several new raids, two Advanced Classes, and Inferno Difficulty for the Vykas Legion Raid.

Lost Ark's Twitter account announced that the game would be taken offline Wednesday, October 12 for the weekly maintenance that would bring Ark Pass Season 2 live. A follow-up tweet noted players would be able to earn "honing material selection chests, pirate coins, and pheons!", welcome news for those working on alts. Just like before, there exists a free and 2 paid tiers, with Lost Ark's purchasable Premium and Super Premium tiers available for 1500 and 3000 crystals respectively.
Additional notes include the fixing of Chaos Dungeon Rest Bonus values, which for those who had an invalid number, has now been rounded to the nearest 10. Withheld gold used in crafting through Strongholds will now be refunded as such if applicable, in what seems to be an attempt to close a gold farming loophole.

Sentiment towards the Ark Pass is generally positive, albeit for accusations that the multiple paid tiers are egregious forms of monetization and further fuel the pay-to-win narrative that has circled Lost Ark since release. Lost Ark's endgame can see non-paying players significantly hindered in regard to honing, gem acquisition, and overall convenience.
Despite addressing a potential gold loophole, significant concerns and frustration remain surrounding the prevalence of bots in Lost Ark, which are established to take advantage of such exploits, but the developers have stated intentions to confront this.