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Lost Ark: Where To Buy Chaos Shards


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Mar 16, 2022
Chaos Shards are an essential resource in Lost Ark, so here's how to make sure you never run low.
Upon unlocking an Awakening Ability in Lost Ark, the player will need Chaos Shards, a resource that is consumed whenever an Awakening Ability is used. Though the initial quest for the Awakening Ability rewards the player with some Chaos Shards, the player will soon run out and find themselves wondering where to get more.
There are a number of important resources in Lost Ark to keep players busy running from merchant to merchant and scavenging the world. Some of these are harder to find than others. Chaos Shards, fortunately, are easier to collect than some items. Here's everything the player needs to know to get their hands on this resource.
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Where To Buy Chaos Shards
Each class has access to two Awakening abilities, rewarded to the player for the completion of two unique end-game quests. Given the power of these abilities, the player will likely want to prioritize accessing them upon reaching level 50. The good news is, the player won't need to dig Chaos Shards out of the guts of a mythic dragon to fuel their powers.
This valuable resource can be conveniently purchased from General Merchants. General Merchants appear in a number of places, but the most reliable way to find them is to go to a major city or town. Alternatively, the player can open the World Map and search for General Merchant in order to find an acceptable vendor. Once the player has found the General Merchant, they need to interact with them, causing the vendor to open their shop.
In the "Buy" section of the shop, the player will find the "Awakening Chaos Shard" item. There's no need to purchase an individual shard repeatedly since the player can buy stacks of them at once by using "Shift" + "Click" on the item, saving a great deal of time. The bad news is that each shard costs 250 silver. Silver is easy to come by in Lost Ark, but even so, buying large numbers of Chaos Shards can become expensive.

Differentiating Resources And Stocking Up
There are a couple of things that are important to note about the purchase of Chaos Shards, especially for new players. Lost Ark contains four items with similar-sounding names, and it's important that the player not purchase those other items by accident. These include Perception Shards, Harmony Shards, and Disorder Crystals, which are used for item exchanges, equipment upgrades, and other purposes.
Awakening abilities are significantly more powerful than the character's other abilities — hence the need for a consumable resource just to use the ability — so the player will always want to have access to them. For that reason, it's advisable to stop by a General Merchant as often as necessary to maintain a healthy stockpile of Chaos Shards.