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Lost Ark :the general Leveling guideline to reach level 50 quickly


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Mar 16, 2022
Lost Ark has a lot to offer to players. From amazing classes such as the striker or sorceress to great modes like dungeons and PvP, there’s a lot of content to be explored. But if you’re playing PvE mode and want to create an amazing build, you will need to reach the max level to access everything. Therefore, this Lost Ark Leveling Guide will take you through the process of going from level 1 all the way to level 50. Let’s begin! While you’re at it consider reading our Best Card Sets In Lost Ark guide.
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Lost Ark Leveling Guide
The thing about Lost Ark is that you can actually get to level 50 within 12-20 hours. It all depends on how much you want to rush the content and what you’re willing to skip. The main way of leveling up in Lost Ark is through quests and dungeons. You may think that Main Quests would be the most rewarding, and you would be right in that assumption.
If you want to level as quickly as possible, you need to focus on main quests. But if you’re playing for the very first time, we would recommend that you enjoy the game and play at a slow pace. You can always restart the game with another character and rush through the content, and level up quickly then.
Regardless, here is the general guideline of what you should do if you want to reach level 50 the fastest way possible. Later we will get into tips on leveling up quicker. One thing that is worth noting is that in the EU/NA version of the game, you start off with level 10, so you’ve already got quite the head start!

Skip the Prologue
The very first thing you want to do to level up faster is to skip the prologue. It can take about 20-30 minutes. You might think the prologue would be important, but there is nothing much to gain from it. You will get a pair of cosmetic goggles, but you can always get them later in the game. And if you’re worried about missing out on any upgrade materials, you can just check out our mining guide to cover up on lost materials: Lost Ark Best Mining Spots and learn how to farm materials faster in the game.

Focus Only on Main Quests
Almost all Lost Ark Leveling Guides will tell you that the main way of getting to level 50 is to just focus on the main quests. And frankly, they’re all correct. There’s no other better way of getting to level 50. The main quests, until you’re level 36, that is, are the ones that are orange.
One additional benefit of doing just main quests for leveling up is that whilst your character is reaching level 50, you’re also approaching endgame and unlocking exciting new parts of the map. The thing about the side quests in Lost Ark is that they can always be returned to later in the game. They do provide good loot and region completion, but those are not necessary for leveling up as fast as possible.
Every now and then, some red quests will appear as well. You can do those if you like.

Learning About Pets
There is one side quest that you should not miss out on as it can help you immensely. And that is the one where you learn about pets and get one of your own. The Learning About Pets is going to be a purple Adventure Quest. Purple Adventure Quests tend to explain the mechanics of the game or unlock new features. The Learning About Pets can be found quite early on, right in the first town. It will run you through the basics of how pets work, and in the end, you will be awarded with a pet rabbit. But why are pets important?
Well, when you have a pet out, it essentially turns on auto-looting. If you do not have a pet out, you will have to manually loot everything that gets dropped out in the world. With the pet out, everything gets put into your inventory automatically. It will be quite useful in getting through areas quickly and picking up any useful loot.

Another thing that you will run into while making your way through the main quests is dungeons. They’re great for getting loot and a lot of experience, so you can do them. But there are a few tips for getting through dungeons and getting the most out of them. The first tip is to play them on normal mode. You may notice that on the harder mode, you get more loot and experience, but that’s not worth the total time it takes to complete the hard dungeon.
Even if you have some sort of amazing class like the Deathblade, you will struggle to complete the hard dungeons fast enough to justify the granted rewards. Another tip is to queue for solo dungeons unless you’re playing with friends. Lastly, make sure to only do Dungeons when they are a quest and not by yourself.

After Level 36
Once you reach level 36, you will get opened up to “World Quests,” as indicated by them being blue. These will require you to sail around the map through many regions of the game. You should consider going through our Best Ships guide to getting a better idea of which ship to take as you sail around. But as this is a Lost Ark Leveling Guide, our advice for you again is to focus on just the main quests when sailing around.
Nothing has changed; you just now have a wider map to explore. Make sure to always use Fast Travel and keep grinding through those main quests, which are now blue. The path that the game has you follow is Tortoyk, then Anikka, and finally Arthetine. By the time you reach Arthetine, you will likely reach level 50.

Do you know what would be really cool? If you could skip the entire grinding process and jump straight to level 50. Well, with Powerpass, you can do that! Before you log in, you might notice a Powerpass option on your character screen. It is basically an item that lets you advance any character to level 50. You can get 2 of these Powerpasses for free.
To get your very first Powerpass, you need to complete the main story quests with at least one character. Doing so will give you a Powerpass in your mail. Then you can use that Powerpass on a newly created character to level them up.

The second Powerpass is granted to you once you use up your first Powerpass. It’s important to note which class you want to use your Powerpass on, so we recommend you go through our class tier list to get a better idea: Lost Ark classes Tier List.
That is the general gist of the Lost Ark Leveling Guide. Stick to the main quests, skip any side quests except for the pet one, keep your pet out, choose the normal mode for dungeons, and continue doing world quests till you reach level 50. If you follow these steps, you will reach level 50 with ease.