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Lost Ark roadmap and everything we know about the new updates


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Mar 16, 2022
A new Lost Ark roadmap promising a new Legion raid, new Class, weekly challenge dungeons, and more! The world of Arkesia has already received two major updates in April and May, and it seems that the developers will keep up the pace this summer. Here’s an overview of everything we know about the next Lost Ark update so far, including details about the Arcanist class and the upcoming class release schedule.
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New Lost Ark Arcanist class
More Lost Ark classes? Yes, please! If you're wondering which Lost Ark class should you choose, the next Advanced Class is called the Arcanist, and will arrive in July. The Arcanist is a magician who uses special cards to enhance her attacks. According to the developers, she has a “trick up her sleeve for every situation”.
The Arcanist’s specialty skill is Card Deck, which allows her to use a card with random stats in combat. It’s somewhat based on chance, but the Card Deck skill can have truly devastating effects. As usual, the ability is charged by landing attacks.
The Arcanist joins the Bard and Sorceress as the third Advanced Mage Class in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark class release schedule
The Lost Ark class release schedule has been broadly discussed online, but now we finally know what to expect: the game will receive one new Advanced Class every two months for the remainder of the year. So, once the Arcanist has been released, we can expect two more classes in 2022.
The team has disclosed that they will release every Advanced Class before adding new general classes. According to this update schedule, the three of the four remaining Advanced Classes will arrive this year, and we might welcome the next general class in 2023.
Finally, keep in mind that this release schedule has been sped up because the developers want to catch up to other regions. The update frequency will probably slow down in 2023.

Lost Ark June update
So far, the following content is scheduled to release later in June:
Legion Raid: Vykes. This eight-player challenge requires item level 1430 (normal difficulty) or 1460 (hard difficulty). As the second Legion Raid after Valtan, the rewards can be used to finish upgrading your Relic gear set.
Guardian Raid: Kungelanium. Another level 6 Guardian to challenge in the Guardian Raid. Players from item level 1460 and upwards can take him on as part of a team or solo.
Thronespire: a single-player dungeon for item level 1325 and higher. You need to clear as much floors as possible (with a total of 50) before getting overwhelmed. The first-clearance reward is granted after 25 floors.

Lost Ark July update
Here’s what we know about the Lost Ark July update so far:
New class: Arcanist. As mentioned, the next Advanced Class will be part of this update.
New Valtan Legion Raid difficulty: Inferno. So no, not a brand-new Raid, but an extra-challenging difficulty (item level 1445 and higher) which will award achievements and titles rather than upgrade materials. This Legion Raid difficulty requires the Book of Coordination (also used for PvP), so everyone’s gear is normalized against the level of the Legion Commander. Furthermore, this difficulty level does not support the gate progression system.
Challenge Abyssal Dungeon. A new weekly activity that levels your power with your opponent using the Scale of Harmony. There are different challenges for different item levels, all rewarding a variety of honing materials. You can finish one dungeon per week (one per roster).

Free Power pass and second Express Event
In their post from June 1, the Lost Ark team has promised a free Punika Power Pass coming “this summer”. There will also be a second Express Event to level up characters more quickly. We don’t know the details and starting dates yet, but you might want to start thinking about the characters you want to use them on.

New Lost Ark Yoz’s Jar skins
And last but not least: new skins! Lost Ark’s next cosmetics pack is called Yoz’s Jar, and contains a variety of Epic and Legendary skins. On top of that, you will be able to break down any skins you don’t like or wear anymore into pieces of cloth, which can then be used to obtain new skins. Older or less powerful skins can also be used as an overlay for Legendary skins, keeping the Legendary bonuses.
Keep an eye out for more information on new Lost Ark content and release dates!