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Lost Ark Reveals 2023 Roadmap that Shows Off Something Coming


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Mar 16, 2022
Lost Ark has released a roadmap that shows off some of the things coming in the first few months of 2023, including an event featuring characters from The Witcher, quality-of-life updates, a massive 48v48 PvP battlefield, and a new advanced class. A new open-world PvP continent and a few new raids will also be coming to Lost Ark early next year.
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Although the game has been popular in Korea since its original launch in 2019, Lost Ark set Steam records when Amazon Games brought the title to western audiences earlier this year. The combination of Diablo-like action-RPG gameplay and traditional open-world MMO tropes was a formula for success, with droves of players hopping on to slaughter enemies, gather loot, refine their builds, and take on challenging group content. Since the western edition of the game is several years behind the Korean release, many game updates are focused on gradually introducing content that brings the two versions closer to parity.

Lost Ark's roadmap for the first four months of 2023 features an interesting variety of content, including an event featuring characters from CD Projekt Red's The Witcher. In January, a mysterious vortex will open up that will lead to players encountering Ciri and Geralt from The Witcher on a new island where various quests can be completed for Witcher-themed cosmetics, stronghold structures, emojis, and more. February will see the introduction of the Rowen Continent, a new continent where players will eventually choose between one of two PvP factions at the end of the quest. Players will move up through the ranks as they engage in open-world PvP leading up to the release of the Tulubik Battlefield.

Fans of Lost Ark's PVP will have even more things to do in March thanks to the Tulubik Battlefield, a large-scale 48v48 battle featuring base capture and secondary objectives. Tulubik Battlefield matches will be held at specified times each week, and players can earn faction XP for their chosen faction by participating. Finally, April will be introducing a variety of new content including a new advanced class, the Artist. The Artist is a support class that uses a magical brush and ink to buff and heal allies and summons holy creatures by painting them.
The roadmap also reveals new raids for Lost Ark arriving in April, including an extra-challenging hard mode for the Brelshaza Legion Raid featuring the new Ancient quality gear. The Hanumatan Guardian Raid will also come in April and will similarly award Ancient quality gear for accessory slots.