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PC Lost Ark PvP Tier List – March 2022

With the March update bringing the first PvP Season, there is no better time to jump into PvP. The March update promises us some much-needed exclusive rewards for PvP. Here is our tier list for March 2022 for PvP in Lost Ark.

To preface this list, it should be noted that any class can be good as long as you are good with it. So if you’re a great Gunslinger but a meh Deathblade player, don’t swap, thinking it will instantly bring rewards.

It is always best to play to your playstyle rather than to what is “meta.” Also, PvP in Lost Ark, while simple on the surface, is very nuanced and hard to predict, so you might have to practice before getting results.

What Are the Best PvP Classes in Lost Ark – March 2022​

S Tier (Very Good)


Deathblade kicks off our Lost Ark PvP Tier List. It is one of the best, if not the single best, DPS class in Lost Ark when it comes to PvP. With a relatively easy kit to learn but hard to master, the Deathblade is one of the most rewarding classes. With many dashes, super armors, and lingering abilities that work exceptionally well in 3v3 PvP, the Deathblade feels a class above the rest.

Alongside the ease of access that the class offers, it is also tough to deal with enemies. However, every class has its weaknesses, and Deatblade is no exception. The long cooldowns on skills can be VERY punishing if you mess up your combo.

Bard & Paladin

Bard and Paladin enter on the same spot just behind the Deathblade in the list. They are beneficial classes, and in pretty much every PvP round, you need one on your team to win the match reliably. The sheer amount of utility through shields, speed-ups, and unnatural tankiness those characters offer is unmatched.

However, their drawback is that they are a minor bit team reliant, especially in the lower ranks. You can still probably carry if you’re an incredible player, but the damage won’t always be 100% in your hands.


The Gunslinger comes in just about everyone else in the A tier because it is overall a fantastic class with excellent skills for PvP. Its three weapons offer variety and guarantee pretty much permanent DPS and massive outplay potential. However, it comes with a huge drawback; it’s complicated to play.

Such complex kits are always challenging to pull off, no matter how good you are at the game—knowing exactly which gun to swap to in which situation is next to impossible in a game with this much variation. Mastering this class will make you skyrocket divisions in no time. But it will take you a good 300-500 games to truly grasp it.

A Tier (Generally Good)

Soulfist (Soul Maser)

The soul master is a unique class that is extremely difficult but can be very rewarding. It has four stances that are not hard to grasp, but the hard part is navigating between them with proper timings.

It can put up vast amounts of damage and act as a support and a tank all at the same time if done well. The Soul Master requires too much set-up to be better than the other classes in the S tier.

Deadeye & Sorceress

Deadeye and Sorceress are two classes that fulfill the same role in PvP. They are solid, mid to high-range DPS characters with very little mobility. They are undoubtedly solid characters, but their lack of mobility and dependence on positioning sometimes heavily hinder them from dealing damage. The deadeye is also an inferior version of The Gunslinger.

Berserker, Gunlancer & Shadowhunter

The three main melee classes of the game are pretty strong in PvP. In these classes, you can not go wrong with them. They’re easy to play, pretty forgiving if you mess up, and very unforgiving for enemies, with high cc and damage. They primarily act as supportive “tanks” for your team, while the Berserker can also be a good engage tool.

As for the drawbacks, well, just like every other tanky class, the engage is very telegraphed. When you see one of them running at you, it’s pretty clear they’re going to initiate. Add to that that they’re somewhat reliant on good positioning for peeling and tanking. They’re also very mana reliant, so you have to pick your combos before your big engage.If you are looking for Lost Ark Gold, just google search Aoeah and check it out, use code FORUM for discount!

B Tier (Situationally Good)


The artillerist suffers heavily from the case of “I deal the most damage in the game, but one ability stops my combo” from being reliable, but it stands above the rest in the B tier because, if left unattended, it can deal copious amounts of damage in seconds.

Scrapper & Wardancer

These classes are just somewhat weaker versions of their “better” peers. While, once again, all classes can be viable, and it mostly depends on the player, these three don’t bring enough utility, damage, cc, or tankiness to justify placing them any higher.

They are plagued by issues that create inconsistency in combos like lack of damage, lack of cc, mana problems, and easily breakable abilities.

C Tier (Hard to Execute)​

Sharpshooter & Striker

The Sharpshooter and Striker are two classes that are much better for PvE than they are for PvP. They suffer from a lot of problems. From very small and sometimes buggy hitboxes to being squishy but having to get up close to deal damage, they are both very unpopular choices right now when it comes to PvP.

That being said, no class is truly weak and it all depends on the player’s skill, so, if you love them, you can make them work. With that, this closes our Lost Ark PvP Tier List.

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