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Lost Ark: Preparing for Brelshaza Hard Mode


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Mar 16, 2022
With the April update beginning to approach, we wanted to ensure that no Item Level requirements arrived as a surprise, and share some tips for new and returning players to gear up with the current progression events. Brelshaza Hard mode arrives, bringing with it Ancient gear. Brelshaza Hard mode requires:
Item Level 1540 for gates 1 & 2
Item Level 1550 for gates 3 & 4
Item Level 1560 for gates 5 & 6
The new Item Level requirements aren’t the only difference, as Brelshaza Hard introduces a variety of new challenges and mechanics.
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Ancient Gear Requirements
Ancient gear can be crafted with materials acquired from Legion Raid Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza Hard mode. The following conditions must be met before crafting Ancient gear:
Reach Item Level 1540.
The Achievement 'Phantom Shard Remnants' level 1, earned by equipping a full 6-set of Relic gear from the Phantom Legion Commander Raid (simultaneously, and regardless of the set bonus).
Tier 3 Upper Relic gear can be transferred to Ancient level gear. The gear's quality and set levels are maintained when transferred, unless the new piece has a higher quality.
Ancient level gear can be honed up to level 25, with each additional honing level adding 5 Item Levels.
Ancient gear shares the same set effects and options with Relic gear.