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Lost Ark Patch Notes: New Raids and A New "game-breaking bug"


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Mar 16, 2022
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Smilegate and Amazon have revealed the Lost Ark patch notes for the May 19th update. You're getting two new Raids, as well as a new Advanced Class for the Warrior, new content for South Vern, and some rather attractive new armor and weapon cosmetics.
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What's in these Lost Ark patch notes?
After revealing its roadmap for the months of April and May, it looks like Lost Ark is now ready to start implementing some of the content from that roadmap. The game received an update today, and the Lost Ark patch notes are upon us. First up, you're getting the first Legion Raid in the form of Valtan; it looks like Amazon is now confident enough to introduce this content after its wobble back in March. Legion Raids have been available in Korea for a while, but this is the first one available in the West. This is high-end content that requires teamwork and coordination, so Valtan will have two "gates", or checkpoints that save your progress. You'll need item level 1415 for normal difficulty and 1445 if you want to try the hard mode version. A new Guardian raid has also been added in the form of Deskaluda, who also requires a 1415 item level to take down.

As well as these two Raids, you're also getting the new Destroyer class, an Advanced Class for the Warrior. Wielding a massive hammer, the Destroyer can bend gravity, pushing and pulling enemies around the battlefield. As a tank, the Destroyer class has low mobility and speed, but a huge amount of health, great shield generation, and massive damage. If you like slow, purposeful warriors with serious weight behind each and every attack they dish out, then the Destroyer is very much for you.

What are the Dawn Collection armor skins and weapon skins?
One of the major new additions to Lost Ark in this latest update is a new set of Dawn Collection armor skins. There are some fancy new weapon skins, too, so if you want your character to look like a spiky herald of destruction, this is definitely the set for you. If you want to grab these cosmetics, then you can do so by spending either Crystals or Royal Crystals over in the Lost Ark in-game store. First, here's a look at the Lost Ark Dawn Collection armor skins, which look suitably menacing.
As you can see, there's plenty of imposing-looking goodness on display here. There's also a corresponding set of Dawn Collection weapon skins, and here's a preview of those skins.

The in-game store has also been updated with a new exclusive skin for the Destroyer, as well as some fun "real-world" cosmetics and stronghold structures, so be sure to take a look at that if you're interested. Of course, that's not all; these new Lost Ark patch notes also contain other changes. New Guild Activities have been added for both PvE and PvP players, including the new Island Siege PvP activity. New Chaos Dungeons have been added to the South Vern region, and there's more South Vern content to discover as well, so keep a lookout for that. There's much more new stuff that we can't even begin to cover here, so make sure to take a look at the official Lost Ark patch notes on Steam if you want to know everything that's new.

You can download and play Lost Ark on Steam for free right now. Originally released in the West back in February, Lost Ark quickly amassed a huge amount of players, with almost 5 million accounts being created in just 5 days after the game launched. Lost Ark continues to be updated and supported with new content and additions to its overall play structure; back in April, the "Ark Pass", which is basically a Lost Ark battle pass, was teased, subsequently launching for the game earlier this month. We'll bring you more on Lost Ark as soon as we get it.

But A new "game-breaking bug" is frustrating Lost Ark players
A sticky mouse pointer is preventing players from clicking, even in the raid.
According to u/Sagezu on Reddit, the bug - which is thought to have been introduced in the MMO's most recent update - sees your item UI get stuck to the mouse pointer, essentially prohibiting you from doing anything else.

In a thread entitled "GAME BREAKING VALTAN BUG ruined the whole raid by not being able to click !!!" the Lost Ark player even added a video to exemplify the issue:
From the numerous responses from other players, it seems as though this isn't an isolated issue, and looks to be affecting the game outside of the raid, too. For now, it looks like only exiting the game is the only way to "fix" the issue - which is incredibly frustrating for players in the midst of a complex raid. Here's hoping there's a hotfix soon.
If you got the same problem, just leave your comments here, thanks for sharing!