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Lost Ark October, November & December Content Roadmap


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Mar 16, 2022
The year is drawing to a close, and with it, tons of new content is on the horizon for Lost Ark. Check out this roadmap of things to expect in the near future.

Lost Ark has released a roadmap detailing all the things players can expect to see coming to the game before the year's end. From brand-new events to updated advanced classes, here's everything to look forward to for the rest of the year!

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Lost Ark October Roadmap

Firstly, let's take a look at what to expect for the rest of October. The month is already underway, but that doesn't mean there isn't still a lot of content to be on the lookout for.

New Event: Mystic Abyss Raid

This is a new Abyss Raid event in which the Guardian Mystic has begun to cast dangerous mists and must be quickly vanquished. This is a time-limited event that will change your character's stats to match the Guardian's level.

An Item Level of 1302 or higher will be required to participate in this battle, and an abundance of weekly rewards will be gifted to those who can beat this mighty beast.

Vykos Legion Raid - Inferno Difficulty

The Inferno Difficulty is the most difficult version of all Legion Raids, and now it is time to test your skills against the Vykos Legion Raid. An Item Level of 1460 will be required to participate in this Raid, but a whole host of great rewards await those who manage to conquer it.

Achates Trial Guardian

This is another challenging experience similar to the Inferno Difficulty Legion Raids. This Raid can only be entered after setting up your build through the "Book of Coordination." Players will receive tons of rewards, achievements, and a Legendary title for beating this raid.

Other Key Content

Players in San Diego will be able to join the developers at Twitchcon, while those in Arkesia will be receiving the Arkpass Season 2, Neria's Wardrobe Halloween Edition, the continuation of September progression events, and Competitive Proving Grounds season 2 at the end of the month.

Lost Ark November Roadmap

Moving onto November, there is a ton of highly-anticipated content on its way to the game.

Reaper Advanced Class

Reapers are Assassins, able to inflict powerful back-attacks and mislead opponents into letting their guard down. They will also be able to vanish and summon clones in combat.

Other key Content

Additionally, there is a lot of other content arriving to Lost Ark in various forms. These include the Tripod Transfer System being improved. This will guarantee the transfer of Tripods through a new "Amulet" material used for applying Skill Tripods, bringing new notification improvements.

Additionally, the Skill Tree guide quest will be improved as well as the addition of a Skill Tree Transfer mission in the Training Area.

Balance updates include:

--Changes to the Legion Raid Hallucination Gear Set Effect.

--Class balance updates to the Berserker, Destroyer, Scrapper, Soulfist, Glaivier, Artillerist, Sharpshooter, Gunslinger, Machinist, and Arcanist.

Finally, Stronghold improvements will be made to Interior decorations, Trophy Systems, Gifting, Mounts & Pets, and more.

Lost Ark December Roadmap

Finally, let's take a look at what will be coming to Lost Ark at the very end of the year.

Summoner Advanced Class

Summoners are powerful mages able to call forth elemental spirits to fight for them. Each spirit will come with its own unique skills in order to help the caster in various situations.

Brelshaza Legion Raid (Phantom Astalgia: DÉJÀ VU & Normal Difficulty)

Brelshaza, Commander of the Phantom Legion, awaits parties of eight in an exciting raid spanning six unique gates and encounters. Each encounter will work differently, and the Item Level requirements will rise every two gates. An easier difficulty will be available for players to practice the difficult encounters and mechanics. Each gate's Item Level restrictions can be found below:

--Phantom Astalgia: Déjà Vu - Item Level 1430

--Gates 1 & 2 - Item Level 1490

--Gates 3 & 4 - Item Level 1500

--Gates 5 & 6 - Item Level 1520

Caliligos Guardian Raid

Caliligos is the master of lightning and will be joining the gauntlet of Level 6 Guardians. The Item Level requirement to challenge Caliligos is 1490.

Other Key Content

Other new content includes:

--Higher level South Vern "Void" Chaos Dungeons

--Hard T3 Cube & Boss Rush activities (Item Level 1490)

--Neria's Wardrobe Pajama Edition

--A Festive Holiday Event

--A new accessory type (Bracelet) is earnable from the Brelshaza Legion Raid, Caliligos Guardian Raid, and South Vern's new Void Chaos Dungeon. This Bracelet will increase a character's stats but does not have Engravings like other accessories.