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Lost Ark: Determine The Fate of ROWEN in TULUBIK Battlefield


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Mar 16, 2022
Capture bases and defeat foes to prove your Faction’s supremacy in 96-player (48 v 48) Realm versus Realm matches. Each base nets your Faction Magick over time. The more bases you conquer, the faster your side’s Magick will increase. Harness more Magick than the opposing Faction to take total control of the battlefield and win.
You can also increase your own contribution level to tip the scales through individual actions like taking down opponents, capturing bases, and even materializing a powerful spirit knight to support your side on the field.
After the final sliver of Magick is obtained and the battle has been decided, you’ll earn rewards such as Faction XP and Sylmael Crystals based on your performance.
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Both Factions will only engage in war during certain times of the week, so keep an eye out for in-game announcements.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 8:00 PM local time
Saturday and Sunday: 3:00 PM local time
When 96-player Regular Matches are unavailable, you can instead join 30 to 96-player Friend Matches. Friend Matches feature the same rules, except teams are randomly assigned and Sylmael Crystals are not be rewarded.

Tuesday - Sunday: 8:30 PM local time
Additional time slot on Saturday and Sunday: 3:30 PM local time
Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday: 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, and 11PM local time
Saturday: 3PM local time

You need to be Faction Rank 3 and Item Level 1490 to enter Tulubik Battlefield. To play the new mode, click on the “Rowen Battlefield” icon on the minimap (under Welcome Challenge) or go to the battlefield entrance at either Regarbank Great Plains or Fighter’s Haven. You can also enter from other places like major cities, always available islands, and your Stronghold.

Exchange your spoils (Sylmael Crystals) in Rowen for the following rewards:
Random Rowen Collectible Chest
Kottbulle Dish
Sylmael Honing Packs
Sylmael Honing Support Material Pack
Song of Wolves
Victory Dance Emote
Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest
Rowen-Style Schnapps
Osphere Emoticon Pack
Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest
Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest
Hero’s Reward Chest
Storhorn Mount Chest
Great Epic Reward Chest
Grerat Dominion’s Reward Chest
Great Legend’s Reward Chest
Rowen Card Pack
Honor Shard Pouch
Great Honor Leapstone
Marvelous Honor Leapstone
Crystallized Destruction Stone
Obliteration Stone
Crystallized Guardian Stone
Protection Stone
Ancient Platinum Coin


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