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Lost Ark Aurion boss guide – How to beat, location and rewards


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Mar 16, 2022
Slay the powerful elemental Field Boss, Aurion, to earn valuable rewards. We detail how players can locate and defeat this boss in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark's Field Bosses, also known as World Bosses, are optional encounters players can take on to gain levels and rewards. They offer a unique challenge to players, and one of these bosses that you might encounter in the late game is Aurion.
If you're struggling to take down or even find this Elemental, we have you covered with our guide today on how to locate and defeat Aurion. Along with the rewards that you will gain when defeating it.
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How to find the Aurion World Boss in Lost Ark?
Aurion spawns in Wildwater Island as he'll only spawn at certain times during the day, so check your calendar ahead of time to avoid wasting your efforts. Additionally, you can set the alarm to notify you when he will spawn on the island.
To get to Wildwater Island just north of Rethramis, you can sail to it from Tideshelf Path at Punika or from the Crescent Moon Marina on Retharis's northwestern coast.

How to beat the Aurion World Boss in Lost Ark?
This is a tiny island in the middle of the ocean and won't give you much room to move when fighting the boss, so be sure you are prepared with the correct gear to fight him when you arrive.

We recommend you at least have an item level of 1385 as Aurion is a Tier 3 Field Boss. Be sure you are at least at level 1325 at minimum, as anything lower won't allow you to deal damage to the boss, and you will prevent other players from joining the channel where the fight is going down.
Aurion can be a challenging opponent, but if you're careful and work with your team, you can make quick work of the Elemental boss.

To defeat him, we recommend simply doing as much damage as possible. With his over 593 million HP, the more DPS attacks you can land on him with your comrades, the better, as the faster he dies, the better chances you have at survival.
After 15 minutes, he will enter berserk mode, where his attacks get faster and stronger, and he will be almost impossible to take down. So using AoE attacks on the boss with your fellow adventurers will deal the most damage over shorter periods.

Lastly, do not use Phoenix Plumes if you die, as they will respawn you directly next to the boss and lead to another death. Instead, choose a base resurrection that spawns you just outside the entrance to the island, which means directly next to the boss arena.
The last tip is to use Party wide buffs and take advantage of the extra damage they can give you and your entire party to take this elemental down as quickly as possible.

Aurion World Boss drop rewards Lost Ark
Aurion will drop the following rewards at random, so if you're looking to collect them all, you may need to fight him multiple times. The rewards are:

---Forbidden Time Necklace
---Forbidden Time Earring
---Forbidden Time Ring
---Forbidden Space Earring
---Forbidden Space Ring
---Destruction Stone Crystal
---Guardian Stone Crystal
---Solar Grace
---Solar Blessing
---Solar Protection
---Tier 3 Epic Ability Stone
---Level 1 Annihilation Gem
---Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
---Rare XP Card
---Legendary Bleed Skill Rune
---Wildwater Island Soul