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Lost Ark Academy Reaper Skill categories: Dagger, Shadow, and Swoop skills


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Mar 16, 2022
The Reaper has three Skill categories; Dagger, Shadow, and Swoop skills. Dagger and Shadow skills are used to charge up Persona and Chaos Modes, and Swoop skills are heavily amplified by Persona— allowing the Reaper to unleash devastating attacks.
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Nightmare - Throw a dagger at the target location to inflict Damage. Use the skill again and teleport behind the hit target if there is no obstacle between you and the foe. Move Speed +10% for 2s after teleportation.
Shadow Vortex - Gather strength and pull foes to you, inflicting Damage. Use the skill again to deliver a powerful spinning blow, inflicting Damage.
Spirit Catch - Perform a quick thrust forward to inflict Damage, then dart 4 meters in the same direction and deliver one final attack that knocks foes down for Damage.
Spinning Dagger - Move 5 meters forward as you throw daggers around you to inflict Damage, then slash at foes upon landing for Damage.
Piercing Blade - Perform 2 sharp thrusting attacks to inflict Damage. Use the skill again to deliver 2 more thrusts for Damage. Airborne foes are launched back into the air.
Reaper's Call - Madly hack at foes in front of you, attacking them 4 times for [Dark] Damage.
Phantom Dancer - Spin toward the target location and move 5 meters as you slash at foes for Damage. Use the skill again to move another 5 meters while pushing foes and attacking them for Damage.
Death Scythe - Quickly move 3 meters toward the target location and slash at foes 2 times for Damage. Use the skill again to perform another slash and inflict Damage, knocking foes down.

Distortion - Call forth the darkness of a twisted space to quickly move 10 meters forward, inflicting Damage to foes caught in the path. Inflict additional Damage to foes in your path upon landing. Ignore collisions with adventurers and Guardians.
Call of the Knife - Summon the Reaper's blade at the target location, inflicting Dark Damage to foes within a 3-meter radius. Foe Move Speed reduced temporarily. The Reaper's Sword pulls foes close as it inflicts Damage and explodes, inflicting Dark Damage. The Move Speed debuff can be stacked up to 5 times, causing temporary Fear in foes for max stack.
Shadow Storm - Move 2 meters forward and thrust your weapon to inflict Damage, then summon shadows to viciously cut and slice foes for Damage over 10 hits. Use Flurry to the end to move 6 meters forward and inflict Damage. Cancel Flurry midway to inflict Damage. Airborne foes are launched back into the air when hit and knocks them back.
Shadow Double - Summon a shadow clone at the target location that lasts for 6s. Use the skill again for you and your clone to throw a shuriken at the target location, inflicting [Dark] Damage.
Black Mist - Conceal yourself behind a dark shadow at the target location and attack foes as you move. While the skill is active, all incoming Damage -20%. Inflict Damage, and at 4 stacks, inflict Fear on foes for 2s. Ignore collisions with adventurers and monsters while moving.
Shadow Trap - Summon a shadow trap at your current position, then move 6 meters backward, detonating a shadow that inflicts Damage to foes within a 3-meter radius, stunning them for 2s.

Glowing Brand - Vanish in the air and move up to 8 meters toward the target location before striking down, inflicting Damage and launching foes airborne.
Rage Spear - Gather red shadow energy and thrust forward to inflict Damage and paralyze foes within an 8 meter radius.
Dance of Fury - Gather red shadow energy to quickly move forward, inflicting Damage. Inflict additional Damage to airborne foes. Perform another slash for Damage as you return to your position.
Silent Rage - Jump 3 meters backward and gather dark energy to shoot yourself forward, slashing foes for Damage and knocking them down as you move. Ignore collisions with adventurers and Normal monsters while moving.
Lunar Eclipse: Cadenza - Focus all shadow and lunar energy to summon a giant shadow area that inflicts Damage to nearby foes, pulling them close. The shadow clone jumps through foes, inflicting Damage, before creating a massive explosion that launches foes in the air for Damage.
Solar Eclipse: Requiem - Focus your mind and blend into the shadows for 4s. Use the skill again to sneak up to your foe in the shadows and deliver 3 strikes to inflict Damage, launching your foe in the air with the last strike. Become Stealthed again for 4s upon each strike, and you can still attack foes while you are not. Ignore collisions with adventurers and Guardians during skill use.


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