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Lords of the Fallen update shakes up New Game Plus mode


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Mar 16, 2022
A new update has been launched for Lords of the Fallen that alters its New Game Plus mode, as well as enemy density and performance.
The patch notes, available on Steam, detail the post-game changes which will now no longer remove all vestiges (checkpoints). Instead, each iteration of New Game Plus will remove more vestiges until NG+3 when all will be removed for the biggest challenge.
In addition, players will have the option to continue their current game retaining character, items and progression but resetting the world to allow completionists to finish outstanding tasks. A customisable NG+ modifier system is also on the way so players can tweak the experience themselves.
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Elsewhere, the 'leashing' system will be improved to limit how far enemies will pursue players from their spawn point. This will help to prevent large crowds relentlessly following players.
Crossplay for multiplayer is on the way, but the developer wants to ensure stability levels for PC players first. However, console crossplay is expected today, with PC to follow on Thursday.
Indeed, this update (patch v.1.1.224) is available now for PC players, with the console update presumed to be coming on Thursday for parity across all versions for crossplay. The previous patch for PC players was last Thursday, with consoles still to follow.
Lastly, the team is continuing to address performance and stability issues, noting the number of players experiencing poor performance has been "reduced drastically from launch".