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Lords of the Fallen Patch Increases Challenge of Bosses


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Mar 16, 2022
Lords of the Fallen has received a new patch with over a hundred changes, including buffing various bosses.
Players complained that some of the game's bosses were too easy - this is a challenging Soulslike after all - but now the likes of the Sanctified Huntress, Griefbound, the Sundered One, and "a boss at the bottom of a very dark place" will be more formidable.
What's more, the Scarlet Shadow has been made more difficult to cheese - that's the reaper who chases players in Umbral. Now, he no longer takes fall damage and players can no longer hide and shoot him from above.
Another change is an increased number of levels for boss weapons. These have been overused by players in PvP, but the upgrade curve has now been altered, plus the mana and ammunition cost of some weapons has been increased.
Elsewhere, developer Hexworks has continued to improve performance and stability, as well as adding an additional failsafe to prevent save files from corrupting.
Lords of the Fallen was heavily criticised at launch for its poor performance, but since then Hexworks has released frequent patches to improve the experience.
Last week's update brought parity between the PC and console versions, as well as crossplay in multiplayer and changes to New Game Plus.
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