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Looking for people who interested in SLG mobile phone games!


Getting Started
Jul 8, 2022
Gathering gamers
-- Coordinates USA
Transnational online voice interview activities
I look forward to your participation (IDI Online)
An invitation lette
Hello, American players
Hi, we are a gaming research company recruiting gamers across the United States and would like to invite you to participate in an online gaming networking event. If you are interested, you can fill in the following registration questionnaire.
We want you to be:
1. SLG players
2. The total number of days playing SLG games should not be less than 60 days
3. The number of SLG models played is no less than 2Registration form
If you meet the above conditions and are interested in participating in the activity, please scan the code and fill in the registration questionnaire, our staff will contact you through the contact information you left Players who successfully participate receive cash rewards.
Ps: Any personal information you provide in this questionnaire, we promise to comply with the relevant legal requirements, will not be disclosed or provided to any third party.


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