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PlayStation Leaker Shares Details on PS5 Development and Price

  • Staff
A leaker, Dusk Golem, shares details about the PlayStation 5 price, development, and technology which worries fans who want 4k gaming.

The PlayStation 5 is eagerly anticipated and many are hoping that it builds on the technology of previous generations. The PlayStation consoles have been incredibly successful since the first console was released in 1994, and more recently the consoles have maintained their success with quality exclusive content. However, a leak has reported that the PlayStation 5 will be weaker than its competitor and will also be more expensive. As a result, some fans are worried about the upcoming console.

There have been numerous reports that the PlayStation 5 will lead the next generation in terms of sales. Many players have expected the console to do well, as the PlayStation 4 managed to attract consumers by having some of the best games of the generation exclusively. On top of that, the PlayStation 4 also had a clear marketing strategy that engaged players. While the PlayStation 5 will undoubtedly try and repeat this strategy, information from Dusk Golem, who is a frequent leaker of content, suggests that there may be other factors that will impact the commercial performance of the console.

Dusk Golem claims that there is a "real possibility that the PS5 is going to end up being the more expensive console between the two [Xbox Seris X]." This may worry some players who have been wondering if the PlayStation 5 would cost more than previous generations. It is unlikely that the Xbox Series X will be sold at a significantly cheaper price than previous generations so this could mean that the PlayStation 5 will set a new precedent for console costs. However, perhaps the most concerning thing that Dusk Golem wrote was in regards to the power of the console and its 4k capabilities.

The leaker claimed that consumers may end up paying more for a less powerful console and added that early reports suggest the console will rely on "false 4K" because of the struggles with the console in development. This information may lead to consumers waiting for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 to be released before deciding which console is the best. Some players may be swayed by the exclusives games available on the PlayStation 5 but if the cost of the console itself is too high this may stop players investing. Furthermore, some fans don't agree with exclusives and if the console is more expensive without any clear benefit, the Xbox Series X may be a logical choice.

There are still a lot of mysteries about the PlayStation 5 and this leak has yet to be confirmed. With that in mind, players will likely wait until the PlayStation 5 is released before deciding whether it is good value for money.

The PlayStation 5 releases holiday 2020.



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