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Key Tips of How to Get Better At Rocket League


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Mar 16, 2022
While the socCar action in the Battle Arena might look simple enough on the surface, it's actually quite challenging to get better at Rocket League. Unlike other games like League of Legends, it's way easier to get into because it's not bogged down by hundreds of champions or tons of different mechanics.
To get better at Rocket League, you should follow a few tips and tricks, check out guides online, and make sure that you have learned everything that you can learn. From particular moves and tactics, to settings and teamwork, there are many ways that you can improve yourself at Rocket League.
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Use the Right Camera Settings
There are few things more important in Rocket League than getting the perfect camera settings. As you're about to find out in this article, there's not much of a point in explaining most Rocket League strategies and guides, if you're already failing the basics.

Master Your Car & Learn the Mechanics
Utilize practice mode, and make sure that you master all the relevant mechanics listed below.
Find other players and friends to help you learn and practice against.
Use a 1-Hour training schedule. In other words, practice the same thing repeatedly for an hour at a time.
Use RLCS replays, online tutorials like the ones below and YouTube, to get more used to the mechanics and find out when and where they can be useful.
Play multiple game modes to get better used to your vehicle and the best tactics to utilize in different situations.
Make sure to turn off unlimited boost in Free Play, so that practice is more realistic.
Try out different vehicles and different hitboxes to truly discover which hitbox works the best for your playstyle.

Before you can truly become competitive in Rocket League, you need to master those mechanics. From more difficult and intense moves like the Flip Reset, to more common mechanics like dribbling and the Wave Dash, you need to develop and learn a bunch of mechanics before you can truly get better at Rocket League.


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