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Xbox Nintendo PC John Wick Hex coming to Steam, Switch, and Xbox One in December

  • Staff
Good news for those wanting to play John Wick Hex on Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch: it’s coming to all three platforms in December.

John Wick Hex, the strategy-action game from the developer of Thomas Was Alone, is coming to Steam, Switch, and Xbox One.

You will be able to pick the game up on December 4.

The game is already available for Mac and PC through the Epic Games Store and on PS4.

John Wick Hex features an original story based on the John Wick universe. If you perform well as Wick and progress in the main story mode, you will unlock new weapons, suit options, and locations.

Each weapon changes up the tactics you’ll use, and just remember that ammo is finite and realistically simulated. This means you will need to scavenge weapons you find while out on a job.