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How to Get the Path of Exile Item Watcher's Eye Jewel


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Mar 16, 2022
The Watcher's Eye is a unique jewel that can only drop from the Elder and his guardians in maps influenced by the Elder's presence. It is specifically sought after for its ability to grant bonuses based on the skills granted by a certain aura, making it a highly desirable item for characters utilizing auras in their builds.
Each Watcher's Eye can provide one or more mods that are dependent on the specific auras affecting the character. These mods can range from additional critical strike chance to enhanced energy shield recovery, making the jewel extremely versatile and valuable.
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Farming Elder-influenced Maps
One of the primary methods for obtaining a Watcher's Eye is by engaging with the Elder and his guardians within the game's map system. Here's a step-by-step guide to farming for the Watcher's Eye:
1. Influence Spreading: Start by completing maps within the Atlas of Worlds to influence them with the Elder. As you defeat the Elder's guardians and complete influenced maps, the Elder's influence will spread, eventually leading to the Elder fight itself.
2. Defeating the Elder and Guardians: Once the Elder's influence has spread sufficiently, you'll have the opportunity to tackle the Elder and his guardians in their respective maps. Successfully defeating these encounters presents a chance for the Watcher's Eye to drop.
3. Targeted Farming: Focus on farming-specific maps influenced by the Elder that has the highest likelihood of dropping the Watcher's Eye. Utilize the map device and sextants to manipulate map drops and increase the chances of obtaining the jewel.

Utilizing Scarabs and Map Modifiers
To further enhance your chances of obtaining the Watcher's Eye, consider using Scarabs and map modifiers to increase the quantity and quality of drops within Elder-influenced maps. Scarabs such as Elder Scarabs and Ambush Scarabs can directly influence the likelihood of valuable Elder-related drops. Additionally, utilizing map modifiers that increase monster pack size, item quantity, and item rarity can significantly improve your chances of finding the Watcher's Eye.

Trading and Market Strategies
For players who prefer not to farm for the Watcher's Eye directly, the Path of Exile player-driven economy offers an alternative route to acquiring this coveted item. Consider employing the following strategies when engaging in trading for the Watcher's Eye:
1. Trading for Divination Cards: Some divination cards allow players to exchange a set of cards for a specific unique item, including the Watcher's Eye. Monitoring the availability and prices of these divination cards on trade websites or forums can provide an alternate path to obtaining the jewel.
2. Utilizing Currency Exchange: Path of Exile features an extensive currency system, and players often trade valuable currency items for specific unique items. By accumulating the necessary currency through gameplay or trading, you can engage in direct trades for the Watcher's Eye with other players.
3. Identifying Market Trends: Stay informed about market trends and fluctuations in the value of the Watcher's Eye. By monitoring trade channels and community forums, you can identify opportune moments to acquire the jewel at favorable prices.