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How to get Salt Cracker in Lost Ark


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Mar 16, 2022
Knowing how to get Salt Cracker in Lost Ark is important if you want to complete Yudia's "Adventurer’s Tome" section, and this guide will help you find the Salt Cracker in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark is a sprawling MMORPG where the focus is as much on combat and levelling as it is on exploration and providing players with a constant sense of discovery.
During your adventures across vast seas and huge continents of Arkesia, you will constantly stumble upon new and previously unknown things.
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Where to find Salt Cracker in Lost Ark?
If you read the tooltip info about the Salt Cracker, you'll get the first pieces of info.
In essence, in order to get the Salt Cracker, first, you'll need to find a Salt Crystal.
For these, go to the area named Occupied Saltern, which is the southeast-most area of the Saland Hill zone.
Enter the Occupied Saltern area from the northern path and just went you step in, you'll notice a huge boulderstone, a small leafless tree, and some bushes. Approach these and the "Investigate" button will appear.
Press the "G" button to interact with it, and you will receive the aforementioned Salt Crystal. The thing is, these Salt Crystals can not be transformed into Salt Crackers at will.
Rather, there is an RNG element here. Each of these Crystals has an unspecified chance to randomly turn into a Salt Cracker, so you will need a little bit of patience until you get one.

To trigger the transformation, simply rick-click on a Salt Crystal in your inventory, and they will either become an item called Broken Cracker or a Salt Cracker. If you don't get a cracker, simply take another Salt Crystal from the same spot, rinse and repeat.
Eventually, when you do get a Salt Cracker, just right-click on it to add it to your Adventurer's Tome.
And that's it, now you know how to get Salt Cracker in Lost Ark.


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