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How to Get More Destruction Keys in Diablo 2 Resurrected


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Mar 16, 2022
To access the Uber Tristram event, players need to collect three sets of keys: the Key of Terror, the Key of Hate, and the Key of Destruction. A specific boss drops each key on Hell difficulty: the Countess drops the Key of Terror, the Summoner drops the Key of Hate, and Nihlathak drops the Key of Destruction. The drop rate of each key is low, so players may need to farm them for a long time.
Among the three keys, the Key of Destruction is arguably the most difficult and dangerous. Nihlathak is a formidable foe who can cast powerful spells and summon deadly minions. Moreover, Nihlathak is located in the Halls of Vaught, a maze-like area full of traps and enemies. Therefore, players who want more destruction keys must prepare well and follow some tips and tricks.
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Here are some suggestions on how to get more destruction keys in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

Choose a Suitable Character Class and Build
Some classes and builds are more effective than others in farming destruction keys. For example, a sorceress with teleport skills can quickly navigate through the Halls of Vaught and reach Nihlathak. A barbarian with find item skill can increase the chance of getting a key from Nihlathak's corpse. A necromancer with summoning skills can create an army of minions to distract and damage Nihlathak.

Equip Yourself with Proper Gear and Charms
Some items and charms can enhance your survivability and damage output against Nihlathak. For example, items with cold resistance can reduce the damage from Nihlathak's frost nova spell. Items with magic find can increase the chance of getting a key from Nihlathak. Charms with life or resistance can boost your health and defenses in D2R.

Use the Halls of Pain Waypoint
The Halls of Pain waypoint is the closest waypoint to Nihlathak's location. If you have this waypoint, you can save time and avoid unnecessary fights by using it to enter the Halls of Vaught directly. If you don't have this waypoint, you need to rescue Anya first and then use her portal to enter Nihlathak's Temple.

Learn the Layout of the Halls of Vaught
The Halls of Vaught is a randomly generated area with four possible paths leading to Nihlathak. However, there is a way to determine which approach is correct without exploring them all. The trick is to look at the shape of the entrance to each path. The correct path will always have an entrance that is shaped like a square or a rectangle. The other paths will have entrances that are shaped like a triangle or a pentagon.

Avoid or Deal with Nihlathak's Minions
Nihlathak can summon two types of minions: viper magi and death lords. The viper magi are snake-like creatures that can shoot lightning bolts and poison clouds. The Death Lords are large skeletons that can deal massive physical damage and knockback. Both types of minions can pose a threat to your character, especially if they surround you or block your escape route. Therefore, it is advisable to either avoid them or kill them quickly before engaging Nihlathak.

Beware of Nihlathak's Spells
Nihlathak can cast three spells: frost nova, corpse explosion, and decrepify. Frost nova is a cold-based spell that can freeze and damage you in a large radius. A corpse explosion is a fire-based spell that can detonate any nearby corpses and damage you. Decrepify is a curse that can slow down your movement speed, attack speed, and damage output. All three spells can be deadly if you are not careful or prepared.

Use Hit-and-Run Tactics Against Nihlathak
Nihlathak has a high amount of health and defense, so it may take some time to kill him. Moreover, he can heal himself by using potions or casting Life Tap on his minions. Therefore, it is recommended to use hit-and-run tactics against him, where you attack him briefly and then retreat to avoid his spells or heal yourself. You can also use ranged attacks or summons to damage him from a safe distance.

Trade Destruction Keys for Other Keys
If you have more destruction keys than you need or find it too hard or tedious to farm them, you can trade them for other keys with other players. Destruction keys are usually in high demand, as they are the rarest and most valuable of the three keys. You can use online platforms, such as forums or discord servers, to find other players who are willing to trade keys with you.