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Honkai Star Rail new character information leaked


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Mar 16, 2022
Honkai Star Rail will soon get an array of new characters. Information about an upcoming addition recently leaked online. Potentially named Topaz, this new addition could be a 5-star character with fire as her element. Credible leaker Mero revealed information about her for the second time. Here is all that we know about Honkai Star Rail’s new character.
While there is no release date for Topaz, the new leaks do reveal a lot of information about who the character is, and what her abilities can be. In a few of the initial leaks, Mero had given clarification about her appearance. Since then, the leaks have only gotten stronger.
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Honkai Star Rail’s new character has a pet with abilities
According to the leak, Topaz will be one of the few characters to have a pet in the game. In addition to that, the pet will help Topaz increase the damage she deals to enemies. The developers have crafted her as a DPS character whose pet will help aid her in combat.
This addition of a pet is new for any kind of character and will be one of the most interesting additions. The pet could be named Warp Trotter and will inflict burns for at least two turns. The pet will also carry the same element as Topaz and will deal fire damage.

Topaz’s pet to help her inflict more damage
Topaz and her pet will work hand in hand when fighting enemies. She and the Warp Trotter will be aiming at the same enemy while fighting. If there is a chance that the pet misses the same enemy, it will choose to throw fire at random enemies. Players will have to wait for gameplay footage to see what the attack looks like.
When Topaz reaches her ultimate power, she will also help boost her pet’s powers. Her ultimate will give the pet a faster speed and the ability to inflict higher damage. While this is all the information available for now, it is also subject to change since there are a lot of other characters that could make their way to the game.