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Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases New Login Rewards in Version 1.2


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Mar 16, 2022
A leak from Honkai: Star Rail is teasing a new batch of daily login rewards to come during the game's Version 1.2 update, following the popular rewards featured recently. The launch of Version 1.1 for the smash hit sci-fi RPG from HoYoverse brought plenty of new content to the game for its first post-launch update. Version 1.1 added three new playable characters to the RPG and debuted multiple events, including a management mini-game and a scavenger hunt for Silver Wolf-themed graffiti. However, one particularly notable part of the update was its new login rewards.
Alongside the major events planned for Honkai: Star Rail, one other new feature that got many fans excited was the addition of new Star Rail Special Pass rewards. HoYoverse would reveal a login bonus that will run throughout the Version 1.1 update, featuring rewards up to 10 Star Rail Special Passes for logging in for seven days during the patch. The developer has also regularly featured new redeemable codes granting players additional Stellar Jades during its initial months.
The addition of a new login campaign is just one of several new events rumored to be coming in the Version 1.2 update. Previous leaks from Honkai: Star Rail have suggested the popular Simulated Universe game mode will see its first major update, adding a new "World 7" to the fan-favorite rogue-like mode. HoYoverse has also already revealed a trio of new characters coming during Version 1.2 with the debut of Stellaron Hunters Kafka and Blade alongside new four-star character Luka. Honkai: Star Rail's Version 1.2 update is expected to launch in mid-July.
New chances for players to grab up some free pulls for Honkai: Star Rail's gacha come as the game's roster is set to expand significantly over the coming updates. Version 1.3 is heavily rumored to be adding a new version of starter character Dan Heng referred to as "Imbibitor Lunae," as well as Fu Xuan. Leaks have also teased several more upcoming characters including Misha, Topaz, and Firefly among others. Honkai: Star Rail players will have plenty of opportunities to spend their hard-earned Star Rail Passes in the near future.
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