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Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Version 1.3 Banners


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Mar 16, 2022
A leak shared by trusted HoYoverse leaker Vississ has revealed all the characters set to feature on Version 1.3's gacha banners. The post suggests that, contrary to past rumors, Imbibitor Lunae will feature on the first banner of Version 1.3 alongside four-star characters Yukong, Asta, and starter character March 7th. Fu Xuan's banner is set to add new four-star character Lynx while also including Hook and Pela as rate-boosted characters. Version 1.3 is currently expected to debut on August 30.
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Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 Characters
Imbibitor Lunae: five-star Imaginary Destruction character
Fu Xuan: five-star Quantum Preservation character
Yukong: four-star Imaginary Harmony character
Asta: four-star Fire Harmony character
March 7th: four-star Ice Preservation character
Lynx: four-star Quantum Abundance character
Hook: four-star Fire Destruction character
Pela: four-star Ice Nihility character

Characters are not the only content planned for Honkai: Star Rail's future as several leaks have teased upcoming additions to the game. Leaks have suggested more updates will be coming to the popular Simulated Universe game mode, following the addition of World 7 with Version 1.2. Recent early reveals have hinted at Honkai: Star Rail's first character skin potentially being in the works, reportedly coming for March 7th. Several upcoming characters have also been teased through leaks, revealing highly-anticipated five-star units like Jingliu and Huohuo.
With plenty of new characters on the way, HoYoverse continues to give players multiple ways to earn Stellar Jades and save up for their favorite units. Amazon Prime recently rolled out the fourth Prime Gaming collaboration with Honkai: Star Rail, granting subscribing members 60 Stellar Jades as well as other in-game resources. Version 1.2 also featured the newest edition of the game's "Nameless Glory" battle pass, as well as new events with Stellar Jade rewards. Honkai: Star Rail's cast is set to grow substantially over the coming patches with players getting plenty of opportunities to save up for new roster members.