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Heatseeker In Rocket League: Limited Time Game-Mode Explained


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Mar 16, 2022
Heatseeker Ricochet or just Heatseeker is a limited time mode, and will only be available for a very short period after (or before) you read this article. It was first introduced alongside the Neon Nights Event some time ago, and is a fantastic piece of exciting car football. This variation may only be around for a short while, but we can assure you that you're up for some real fun if you check it out.
That's why we're here, too, as you're going to want to check out this game mode! We're here to help you strategize and prepare for rounds of Rocket League. We're here to give you an overview of what this LTM has to offer and provide all the tips and tricks that we possibly can. So let's take a dive in: what is Heatseeker, and how should you play it?
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Heatseeker LTM Explained
Heatseeker tasks players with attempting to score seven goal wins with both heatseeker and ricochet settings switched on. It is a very difficult game mode, as the ball will be extremely difficult to control, and if you allow the ball to touch the backboard it will shoot directly towards the opponents goal. Honestly, let's just give you the bloody instructions, directly from Psyonix themselves...
Touching the ball automatically sends it in the direction of the opposing team's goal in this speedy game of 3v3. It fires back towards your goal if it hits the backboard, so be careful! The ball gains speed with each touch. Scoring 7 goals wins! -- In-Game Description of Heatseeker Ricochet

When Is Heatseeker Available? – Current Release & Start Date
As previously mentioned, you might just stumble upon this article while Heatseeker isn't even in Rocket League. Right now, it is part of the famous Haunted Hallows event and will make your life more fun until November 1, 2022. But what happens after that? Well, the LTM will leave Rocket League for some time.

How To Play Heatseeker In Rocket League
Heatseeker Ricochet is not an easy mode in Rocket League. It requires a lot of different skills to succeed regularly, and achieve victory alongside your teammates. The first thing I would recommend is to make sure that you play this mode with a group of friends who are well coordinated and skilled at standard Rocket League.
This is important because, ultimately, Rocket League is all about proving yourself, and to do that you need to exercise a lot of skill and a corresponding amount of speed. In Heatseeker you have a situation wherein not only does the ball ricochet off you in rather unpredictable ways, but you need to be very fast and accurate so that when you attempt to score a goal it doesn't hit the backboard.
Speed is also important because the more times the ball gets touched, the faster it gets. You need to score those goals as quickly and cleanly as possible, so avoid the fancy tactics and avoid too much dribbling, because you need to get it in there before it gets more-or-less impossible to properly control.

In the end, Heatseeker Ricochet is all about speed and skill, with emphasis on the speed.



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