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Xbox PlayStation PC GTA Online players can earn bonuses on all Contact Missions, Weed Business Sales, and Keep the Pace

  • Staff
This week in GTA Online there are various ways to earn extra goodies.

In GTA Online this week you can earn double GTA$ and RP on all Contact Missions. If you want even more bonuses, Keep the Pace is handing out triple GTA$ and RP.

From now until April 22, Bikers can earn double green on all Weed Business Sales this week, and all Biker supplies are half off during this time.

Just for logging in, you will be handed the White Graphic Smoking Jacket as well as the Bravado Stylized and Annis JPN Tees. Nothing like free clothes.

Spin the Lucky Wheel at the casino this week and you could win a customized Oceltot Pariah. You can also win cash prizes, RP, clothing, accessories and more as usual.

Finally, over at Benny’s Original Motorworks you can take 70% off upgrades for various vehicles as well as discounts on select cars.



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