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Ground Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected Season 3 Ladder


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Mar 16, 2022
This Runeword can only be created by players who are currently on a Ladder character during Ladder Season 3, or in Offline Single-Player mode. Completed Ladder Runeword items can be moved with the player to regular play at the conclusion of the Ladder, but new ones cannot be created in non-Ladder online games.
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Quick Facts about Ground
Type: Helm
Armor Base Needed: All Helms, including Barbarian Helms and Druid Pelts
Number of Sockets: 3
Required Runes: Shael, Io, Ort

Overview of the Ground Runeword
Ground is one of five new mid-level Helm runewords offering 20% Faster Hit Recovery (from Shael) and +10 to Vitality (from Io). Ort offers +30% Lightning Resistance; Ground adds an additional 10-30% Lightning Resistance.
It also adds 10-15% Lightning Absorb. This means that when you or your mercenary get hit by a Lightning attack, a portion of that attack after Lightning Resistance has been applied will be returned as direct healing, to a maximum of 40% Lightning Absorb.
The Ground Runeword also offers an increase to maximum life, making it especially good for players or Mercenaries struggling with survivability.

Ground Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths of the Ground Runeword:

Can be very good for certain bosses that use Lightning attacks, such as Diablo.
Lightning attacks are less common than other Elemental types of damage, but can be among the deadliest.
Easily-farmed runes accessible by early Nightmare.
Decent additions to defense and maximum Life to help with overall survivability, particularly for Mercenaries.
Lightning Absorb is an unusual property only found in a handful of Unique items and mostly ones at higher levels. The next lowest level item is the Thundergod's Vigor belt at level 47.
Weaknesses of the Ground Runeword:
Lightning is not one of the most common attack types, so may be more situational to certain areas or bosses.
A strong mid-game contender for not a lot of investment, but won't have staying power.
Runewords vary on their suitability for different classes and specs, as well as utility for the various Mercenaries. This next section will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Ground Runeword, what classes and specs can make the most out of Ground, and whether you should consider using Ground with your Mercenary follower.

Best Classes and Specs for the Ground Runeword
Any class struggling with Lightning Resist or wanting a swap helm for certain fights will benefit from this Runeword. Barbarians and Druids will want to make sure to put these in class-specific helms to improve the overall stats.

Ground for Mercenaries
This may be one of the best early (and cheap) helms for your Mercenary, although the choice will be which type of resistances to pick if you decide to go with that route. Since all four types of Mercenary can wear Helms, there isn't a one "best" choice here. If your Mercenary seems to be struggling with Lightning attacks, go with this one.

Best Socketed Base Items for Ground
Best Socketed Items: Barbarian Helms, Druid Pelts, Crowns, Masks
Barbarians and Druids should, of course, find the best three-socketed class helms they can acquire, with the best +Skill properties available.
Helms do not have issues with weight, so you don't need to take Stamina loss into consideration. Some, however, do have rather hefty Strength requirements, with various versions of the Great Helm (Winged Helm, Spired Helm) having the highest.
For those who want to balance out Strength requirements with the best possible Defense rolls, go for Crowns (Grand Crown, Corona). In the Elite category, you can also shift to a Spired Helm if you have the 192 Strength to manage it.
For players who do not invest heavily in Strength, your only Helm choice are Masks (Mask, Death Mask, Demonhead), as these are the only ones with low strength requirements and the necessary 3 sockets.
Starting at level 52, you can also use Circlets - either a Tiara (52) or a Diadem (64). Lower-level Circlets do not have adequate Sockets. Their overall Defense is not nearly as high as Masks, which is why they're probably not the best choice. However, they have absolutely no Strength requirements and have a certain sense of style.
You can make this Runeword at any level past 35.


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