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Gamers101 : Officially Reborn this Monday, 23 March 2020!

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Aug 25, 2020
Hello everyone, we're glad to announce that this Monday, 23 March 2020, Gamers101 has been officially brought back to life, for good!

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After a very looong period of inactivity, and big struggle with our time and the fact that the original server has been hacked / attacked by a nasty virus, we decided to settle down and take the necessary time to make this the right way, also having more time to work on the PC during the Coronavirus pandemic period...but this another story...hope everyone is OK and PLEASE STAY HOME!
Soo...the original database has been corrupted and all data about the threads, comments, media, the users registered before, etc. has been lost...that being said, we started everything from scratch... Taking this the positive way, we can now create something even cooler than the old Gamers101 and WE'RE OPEN TO ALL SUGGESTIONS, so please tell us if you'd like to have here something new, something you don't find on other forums, anything that passes through your mind and we'll do all we can to bring your idea to life.

The new Gamers101 will be the new home for gaming fans, for those who need help with anything gaming related, the place for discussions and buying, selling or trading game accounts and in game stuff...We'll try to bring new features to the site, there will be a GIVEAWAY section too, maybe LIVE STREAMING from some of our partners, you'll have also the possibility to present/showcase your games, websites, etc.
We'll think about new things we could bring here for you, again, if you have any idea you're more than welcome to present it to us so that we can build something spectacular together!
Take care of yourselves!
Not open for further replies.