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Future Stars Swaps: Token Tracker And Rewards In FIFA 23


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Mar 16, 2022
Future Stars Token Swaps: Rewards Release
The first token was already available on January 30 and in total we will get 30 tokens. As always, you have to complete Squad Building Challenges and grind Objectives. You can find them all in our list.
The tokens can be exchanged for rewards from Monday evening, February 6th and until February 20th.
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Future Stars: All Tokens And How To Get Them
Conveniently, all you had to do for the first token was log into FUT. The following tokens will be added over time. Here you have the overview.
If everything goes as usual, we will be able to unlock all 30 tokens. Tokens that can be bought in packs in the store to help you get additional tokens – however, it is not a MUST to buy them. You should get to full 30 with SBCs and Objectives – we thought.
But Tobi Sho-Silva and Alexander Ammitzbøll becomes a Herculean task in the friendlies: You have to win at least 7 out of 12 games with homegrown players. That's just too much, EA... good luck to all tryhards. And please, EA: don't make the tokens so ultra competitive, that's just frustrating.

Future Stars Swaps: All Rewards And What To Get With Tokens
The total of 30 tokens (plus a few extra if you buy packs in the store) obviously allows for some combos. We'll show you which ones are the better ones. You can exchange your tokens in the Squad Building Challenges menu.
First of all, it is important that you think about how many tokens you will and want to get in total – and which combos this allows. If it is already clear to you that you will get all 30, we recommend that you, as an old sweater, avoid the Icons.
You should already have one, two, or three useful ones with those Icon SBCs. So, rather target the two 85+ x 10 packs – or the Prime Icon Player Pick, depending on your risk appetite. Advantage of the packs: You can save them and then open them when EA releases an SBC that fits your squad perfectly.