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Xbox PlayStation PC Fortnite: Season 2 – New Party Royale mode, Operation: Payload and Aim Assist nerf coming soon

  • Staff
The first details about what we can expect in Fortnite: Season 2’s extension have appeared and there’s quite a lot to look forward to.

A new Party Royale mode will be tested from this Friday, May 1, as detailed in an email shown by dataminer Lucas7yoshi. It promises to be a “new experimental and evolving space” and players are asked to leave their weapons and mats behind.

The first Party Royale tests will begin for partnered content creators on Friday at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT and Saturday at 2 am BST. If you’re partnered with Fortnite, you might want to take a look at your inbox for the invite to take part, as the new updates will only be available to partnered creators who’ve installed the new v12.50 update.

A new spy mode, Operation: Payload is also coming soon, where you can use the current spy tech you’ve earned over the season to defend or escort a payload against your opponents. After the first round, you’ll switch sides and finish the match. It sounds a bit like capturing and carrying the bomb, as you would in older PvP matches in online games, but with a Fortnite spy twist.

The other two main elements in this email were changes to weapons, namely Heavy Sniper damage and Aim Assist. One-shots could soon be a thing of the past, as Heavy Sniper Damage has been nerfed by Ghost Agents to do 127 damage instead of 150.

Mouse and Keyboard players will no longer have the advantage over those who play on controllers as Aim Assist has been nerfed substantially to make “240hz AA act like 60hz AA, which does impact target acquisition”. Everyone will play on a 60hz display now, which is likely to rile up PC players while giving console and mobile players time to relax.

Some of the changes aren’t available to all Fortnite players yet, so don’t worry if stuff is missing from your dashboard or if your sniper is still hitting pretty hard.

We also got a look at potential teasers for Season 3, which show of Agent Meowscles in his swimwear, as shown by FortTory.



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