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Xbox PlayStation Nintendo PC Fortnite Confirms Marvel Theme For Season 4

  • Staff
After a great deal of speculation and leaking over the past few weeks, there is now official confirmation that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 will indeed be Marvel-themed. The teaser for the upcoming season all but confirms HypeX's earlier claims that there will be a focus around Thor, with his hammer Mjolnir also being included as a cosmetic item.

The official Twitter account for Fortnite tweeted a short teaser video confirming that the new season will begin soon in a few days on August 27 and that it will be Marvel-themed. The teaser depicts a figure resembling Thor, alongside the emoji caption of a hammer and a lightning bolt.

With the Asgardian god of thunder's inclusion being almost reality at this point, there is still the matter of previous speculation surrounding what other Marvel additions will come with the new season. Prior leaks suggest that Galactus will be involved in an antagonistic role though whether this is the definite case will have to wait until August 27.

Further leaks from notable leaker and dataminer HypeX also point towards Wolverine being part of Season 4. At this point, players will have to wait just a few more days for everything to come together in a concrete fashion. There is always great anticipation from players for every new season of Fortnite in which there are changes to the map, new gameplay elements, and new cosmetics. It will be interesting to see what changes will be made and how it will affect the current experience alongside future crossovers.

Of course, this is not the first time that there has been Marvel-themed cosmetic content for Fortnite. However, Thor has not made any appearances related to the battle royale yet beyond the famous scene of him playing it in Avengers: Endgame. Interestingly enough, images have leaked indicating that Thor will resemble his portly form from Avengers: Endgame, which should provide much amusement to those wanting to emulate his exploits hunting down NoobMaster69.

Beyond this confirmation of Season 4's theme, there is still ongoing speculation regarding what other new content will be included. Fortnite YouTuber Tabor Hill has claimed that there will be an item in Season 4 that will turn players' entire inventory gold. In the meantime, players should sit and wait patiently for the imminent release date of August 27 for a brand new season.



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